Sep 282011

Kieran Kramer - Beau Monde Author headshot

Kieran Kramer, USA Today best-selling author and double-Rita finalist, is today’s Featured Beau Monde Author.

She writes lighthearted Regency historical romances for St. Martin’s Press. Her newest release, If You Give a Girl a Viscount, the fourth and final book in her Impossible Bachelors series, will be released in November 2011. A former CIA employee, journalist, and English teacher, Kieran’s also a game show veteran, karaoke enthusiast, and general adventurer.

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Sep 242011

Sabrina Jeffries - Beau Monde Featured Author headshot

Sabrina Jeffries (aka Deborah Martin and Deborah Nicholas),

is today’s Featured Beau Monde Author.

She is the award-winning author of thirty-one novels, four novellas, and three short stories, including the recent entry in her Hellions of Halstead Hall series, How To Woo a Reluctant Lady.

After earning her Ph.D. in Early Modern British Literature, she chose writing over academics, and now her sexy and humorous historicals routinely land on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists.

She lives in North Carolina with her husband and son.

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Sep 192011
Alyssa Fernandez - Beau Monde author headshot

Alyssa Fernandez, today’s Featured Beau Monde Author,  writes under the pen name of Alyssa Everett.

A fan of Halloween, the perfect shoes, and springer spaniels, Alyssa lives with her husband and three children in small town Pennsylvania.

Writing continues to be Alyssa’s favorite excuse for putting off housework and aerobic exercise.

Her debut regency, A Tryst With Trouble, is scheduled for release in early 2012 from Dorchester Publishing.

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Sep 172011

Stewart, 1814.

“A London Twopenny Post letter – 1814”




Eunice Shanahan



This letter is addressed to John Stewart Esqre No.16 Queen St Brompton from J. Hill of Rotherhithe. This was on the south side of the Thames and about this time Rotherhithe was still virtually an island, having two swing-bridges connecting it to the rest of Bermondsey/Southwark. 95% of the industry in Rotherhithe was shipbuilding and breaking, and trades directly allied to this. It was (and still remains) a secular, almost independent part of Southwark. The paper is a very heavy type with the watermark R BARNARD 1809, and there are four postal markings on the letter all of them applied by the offices of the Twopenny Post.

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Sep 152011

Maggi Andersen, today’s Featured Beau Monde Author, is an Australian author who writes historical romances filled with intrigue and adventure. She sets her stories in the Georgian, Regency and Victorian eras. She lives with her lawyer husband and cat in the Southern Highlands of Australia.

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Sep 132011
Katherine Bone - Beau Monde author headshot

Katherine Bone, today’s Featured Beau Monde Author, is a military brat, who has lived all over the U.S. and overseas.

Living a nomadic lifestyle helped develop her interest in history and lore, not to mention adventure and the written word. Thankfully, her upbringing prepared her for life as a military wife and, majoring in art, she’s taken her military background and her love of history and put it to good use while working as an exhibit assistant at a Fort Leavenworth Museum.

Raising four children, two of whom are in the military, Katherine wrote poetry and tackled her first book, a post-Civil War era romance, before joining her local RWA writing chapter and seriously pursuing a career writing historical romance.

Since that time, she has written two books in the Regency era and nearly thirty articles for The Heart Monitor, entitled Hidden Treasure-Historical Truth, some of which can be found on her website. Continue reading »

Sep 132011

‘Down Under’, several Beau Monde members (from Romance Writers of Australia and New Zealand) are taking part in a five day Launch Party to introduce Historical Hearts.

Do you know a lot about the Regency? Want to win prizes and support the Regency authors at the Historical Hearts blog? Then drop by every day this week for gossip, fun and prizes.

 Historical Hearts: Historical Hearts Launch Party – Day 1:

Tamara Gill  – We’re all very excited to announce a blog for Australian Historical Romance Writers. Over the next five days we’ll be giving away books, critiques, bookmarks, wonderful prizes of all kinds to celebrate the launch of this fabulous blog. Any loyal reader of Regency historicals will know the answer to my question immediately, but…we’re here to have fun, not to tax our loyal followers too much.

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Sep 102011
April Kihlstrom - Beau Monde author headshot

April Kihlstrom, today’s Featured Beau Monde Author, is the author of over 30 published romance novels, including 28 Signet Regencies.

Her degrees are in Honors Math and Operations Research. She also coaches fellow writers, teachings online classes, is a popular speaker and is the acknowledged Mistress of Book in a Week.

She believes that what we do and what we write helps to shape the world in which we live.

Find her at – Web and Face Book

Twitter @AprilKihlstrom

Sep 042011

Here is another Postal History, this time connected with Napoleon.

This letter, dated 5 February 1805, is addressed to Major Dudingston, Elie, Fifeshire North Britain from G. Nicols in Winchester. It is interesting because many of the events mentioned in the letter refer to things connected with Napoleon‘s battles against the English.

postal marks
The postal markings on the letter are :-

  • London morning duty date stamp in red, FEB 6 1805
  • a poor smudged Edinburgh date stamp in red , of the type in use from 1801-1812 where the year was included between the month, in this case FE and the day ‘9’
  • charge marks: first ”6′ which would have been the rate to get the letter from Winchester the place of posting, to London. There, the clerk would have worked out the whole cost to Scotland, so crossed out the ‘6’ and replaced with ‘1/1′.

A Stamp News reader has been exchanging information with me about postage rates, and we have agreed that this is correct for the overall distance of 501 miles from London prior to 12 March 1805. The mileage included the 62 miles from Winchester to London, then the 439 miles London to Elie in Fifeshire. The charge was 10d for up to 300 miles and then 1d for every 100 miles thereafter. It seems a bit mean to have charged the extra 1d when the distance was only one mile over the 500 – particularly as the road distances changed as the roads were improved.

The letter begins with a reference to Major Dudingston’s son Charles

Duddingston letterWinchester
5th of Feby 1805

My dear Dudingston




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