Dec 252011

       Happy holidays to all our wonderful readers.

           Enjoy your celebrations and stay safe.

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Dec 222011

Today we offer you an article by Cheryl Bolen about the way in which young people of both sexes were educated during the Regency. She presents some interesting facts on a Regency education which authors might find of value in their research. Bolen makes clear that the education of ladies was not ignored, nor was education available only to the wealthy. However, as you read about education in Regency times, consider whether or not you would have enjoyed getting an education, Regency-style.

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Dec 222011

                       Here are December’s Book Releases by our authors at The Beau Monde.

                                               Hope you enjoy them.



A Rake for Christmas by Ann Lethbridge  (Harlequin Undone – Short Story Ebook)

After years of struggling against her wicked desires, Lady Eugenie Hardwick is being driven wild by the sounds of unrestrained passion coming from her neighbor’s bedroom. The thought of Lord Richard Townsend, a notorious rake, sets her body quivering with need—even though she’s never yet seen his face.
 When they finally meet in person on Christmas Eve, it only takes one masterful kiss to unleash Eugenie’s inner temptress for a night of sensual pleasure with the devilish lord. But Eugenie must ensure their holiday affair remains a secret so she doesn’t get ruined—again….
 CAPTURED FOR CAPTAIN’S PLEASURE by Ann Lethbridge (Harlequin Historical) 

 Captain Michael Hawkhurst relishes his fearsome reputation, for he lives only to wreak revenge on the Fulton family, who so cruelly destroyed his own. Spirited Alice Fulton knows a ship is no place for a lady, but she is determined to save her father’s business….
When fate delivers him Fulton’s virginal daughter as his captive, Michael faces a dilemma—should he live up to his scandalous name and find revenge with sweet Alice, or will his honorable side win out—and win the girl…?
THE UNREPENTENT RAKE By Barbara Monajem (Harlequin Historical Undone)
Beatrix March chose to be a governess rather than let an overbearing husband rule her. Even though she never intends to marry, it doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy a man’s…company—especially one as tempting as notorious rake Simon Carling!
Simon doesn’t usually seduce virtuous governesses, but Beatrix is unlike any woman he’s ever encountered. Her luscious curves were made to grace a man’s bed, and he’s never denied himself such satisfaction before.
Will flouting society’s conventions, in favor of thrilling chemistry,force Beatrix and Simon to contemplate the unthinkable—marriage?
THE EARL’S MISTAKEN BRIDE by Abby Gaines   (Love Inspired)   
 As soon as Marcus Brookstone lifts his bride’s veil, he sees he’s been tricked. He made a bargain with God—to marry a good, Christian girl if his mother recovered from illness. But Marcus intended to marry pretty Amanda, not stubborn Constance. His next plan, to ignore his new wife, fails as well when Constance makes it clear that she wants a true union.
 Constance Somerton doesn’t dare reveal that she’s been enamored of Marcus for years. The man believes love is for weaklings. Someone needs to teach him about marriage’s blessings. Someone who sees beyond his arrogance to the tender heart beneath. Someone exactly like Constance….

ANGELS AT ALMACKS by Catriona Iams (Amazon Digital Services) 

Principessa Adina has fled her home in occupied Malta and sailed for England with a fear of intimacy and the unchristian prayer that her evil betrothed, Count Basa, rots in the belly of a shark. Scotland’s Rannoch MacQuaire seeks a noble English wife to gain him admittance to London’s politically influential social circles, and hence, support for a canal in the Highlands. Unfortunately, allying with the English makes Rannoch feel he’s forsaken all his forefathers held dear, making success the only outcome to justify his treason.

The attractive Highlander intrigues Adina in ways she never imagined possible given her shameful past. As well, her little royal dog of Malta looks so safe in his strong arms. Rannoch falls for the exotic and unpretentious Adina, too, but her lack of connections make her unsuitable for his purposes. Adina finds Rannoch’s steadfast loyalty to his beloved Scotland admirable, lovable, and ultimately heartbreaking.

It’s up to the motivated novice Cherub named Nimba to bring this unlikely couple together. If the embodied Nimba succeeds without interfering with human Free Will (a serious offense) or revealing her true nature she will please the Cherubim General and ascend the hierarchical ranks. Alas, Human Free Will is a formidable obstacle, but not Nimba’s only obstacle; dark forces are at work.

Perfectly Flawed by Shirley Marks

Dec 202011
The Beau Monde proudly presents a round-up of many Regency history, general historical, and writing related blog posts over the last couple of weeks.
Our Assembly Room is going to be a regular feature, so we hope you will return many times. We’d love to encounter you at The Beau Monde’s  next Regency Assembly where many of our own authors be making their bows.
Many thanks to Beau Monde member, Angelyn Schmid, for finding these. And if you want to read even more Regency history, Angelyn has many posts on her own blog.
  • Regency Jewels – a really beautiful blog:
  • England was not the only realm with a social season:
Dec 172011

A cross-post from The Regency Redingote:

No, this book is not about Jane Austen’s Mrs. Hurst from Pride and Prejudice. The Mrs. Hurst who lent her name to the title of this delightful volume was a real woman, who lived during the Regency. Her home was in a small English village in Buckinghamshire called Newport Pagnell, and she loved to dance. She was captured in full swing one evening at her home in a charming watercolor by a young friend, Diana Sperling.

The full title of this book is Mrs Hurst Dancing & Other Scenes from Regency Life 1812 – 1823. I stumbled across it in my local library and was immediately enchanted. This volume contains full-size reproductions of a number of watercolor sketches made by a young woman called Diana Sperling during the years of the Regency and just beyond. Miss Sperling also wrote witty explanatory captions for most of these watercolors which gives a real flavor of the daily life of a family of the minor gentry during the Regency.

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Dec 102011

Taryn Kincaid is today’s Featured Beau Monde Author.

Taryn Kincaid began writing as soon as she could and has never stopped. She is particularly pleased when she is lucky enough to be paid for her words. In additon to her books, she is also an award-winning reporter and columnist, covering stories ranging from fires and homicides to corrupt politicians and heroic dogs. Taryn is a member of the Beau Monde as well as the Hudson Valley RWA, in addition to the Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal chapters. Her most recent tale, a Regency novella, is Healing Hearts, which was published earlier this year.

Taryn enjoys reading in all genres, but she says she likes writing historical romance and romantic paranormals best. She has a couple of paranormal stories in progress, but is eager to write another Regency, perhaps a story linked to the main characters in her novella, Healing Hearts.

Find her at

Dec 072011

A cross-post from The Regency Redingote:

We seek him here, We seek him there,
Those Frenchies seek him everywhere.
Is he in heaven? — Is he in hell?
That demmed, elusive Pimpernel.

Recited by Sir Percy Blakeney
in Chapter 12 of The Scarlet Pimpernel
by Baroness Emmuska Orczy

The stories of The Scarlet Pimpernel take place during the French Revolution, more than a score of years before the beginning of the English Regency. And yet, without the work of Baroness Orczy, we might not have all those delightful Regency novels written by Georgette Heyer.

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Dec 042011

Samantha Kane - Beau Monde author headshot

Samantha Kane is today’s Featured Beau Monde Author.

Samantha Kane has been writing historical romance for over five years. She is best known for her erotic Regency historical series Brothers in Arms. She is also published in both science fiction and contemporary romance.

Samantha lives in North Carolina with her husband of fourteen years and three children, two boys and one girl. She spent seven years as a high school history teacher before becoming a full time writer and mom. She has a Master’s degree in American History.


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