Jun 302012

New Book Releases for July 2012 and upcoming ones for August 2012 from authors at The Beau Monde Chapter ( Regency historical ) of Romance Writers of America.


 July/ August 2012


AN UNLIKELY HERO  by  Gail Eastwood                                  Gail Eastwood An Unlikely Hero

Penguin/NAL Intermix –Amazon, Barnes & Noble.com, iTunes.com

Signet Regency Romance reissue (traditional) 

Release Date – July 2012



A beautiful twin’s promise to protect her sister’s secret at all costs forces an unassuming Cambridge scholar into the unsought role of hero. Will blackmail and promises made destroy their chance for true love? (a sequel to A PERILOUS JOURNEY)

An Unlikely Hero sparkles!” –The Literary Times   “A terrific read with unexpected villains and a worthy hero thrown into the fray! Gail Eastwood weaves intrigue seamlessly through the Regency setting, adding mystery to a delightful plot and set of characters.




Barbara Monajem To Rescue or To Ravish


TO RESCUE OR RAVISH?  by  Barbara Monajem

Publisher Harlequin – ISBN  978-1-459-23427-7
Regency Historical Novella
Release Date –  July, 2012

When heiress Arabella Wilbanks flees a forced betrothal, the last person she expects to find at the reins of her getaway hackney is Matthew Worcester.  It’s been seven long years since they gave in to their mutual desires, but Matt still burns with regret for having to leave her without a word. He should escort her to safety, but the chance to reclaim her proves impossible to resist…
Author website URL / www.BarbaraMonajem.com
Author blog www.BarbaraMonajem.blogspot.com
twitter  @BarbaraMonajem
facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=765733209

Sabrina Darby The Short and FascinatingTale of Angelina Whitcombe


Sabrina Darby
Avon Impulse,  9780062230713
Regency Historical

Release Date – July 2012 

Wanted:  A beautiful young woman–preferably one with no connections, who won’t ask too many questions–to spend two weeks in the North of England with an obstinate, aloof, and utterly handsome man.
 Must love dogs, fixing up crumbling castles, and gorgeous and complicated war heroes who may or may not be hiding hearts of gold under their gruff exteriors.
 Must not, under any circumstances, fall in love…   Simpering misses need not apply.


Mary Jo Putney Dark Destiny

DARK DESTINY  by   M. J. Putney

St. Martin’s Griffin, ISBN 978-0-312-62286-2(Book 3 of the Dark Mirror Series) 

Young Adult Time Travel Regency

Release Date – July 2012  

Twice the young Regency mages of Lackland Abbey have traveled through time to World War II to helpBritain survive Nazi assaults.  Now the threat is closer to home as Napoleon Bonaparte prepares to invade England in their own time.  

As the Irregulars fight to stave off invasion, England’s future rests in the hands of one inexperienced twentieth century mageling who travels to the past to pay her debt to those who saved her family.  

But does Rebecca have the power to save her friends and herself?

 “Putney’s latest Dark Mirror outi

ng is more romantic than previous action-packed installments.  She tackles both religious and familial conflicts, among other new challenges, for Merlin’s Irregulars.”   Raven Haller, Romantic Times Bookclub





Ann Lethbridge Lairds Forbidden Lady
Harlequin Historical 978-0373296972
Regency Historical
Release Date – July 2012



Ian Gilvry, Laird of Dunross, is as rouch and wild as the Highland heather. Yet the return of Sassenach Selina and her family to claim his land ignites hatred and passion in equal measure. Lady Selina is torn betwee family loyalty and wanton need for Ian. Tricked into marriage, she finds the laird fulfils her every burning desire.

But Ian is a man bound by duty. Can Selina be sure that his heart belongs not only to his clan…but also the woman he has made his wife?


Regina Scott The Captains Courtship
Inspirational Regency  from Love Inspired Historical
ISBN 978-0-373-62924-8
Release Date – July 10, 2012



The dashing Captain Richard Everard has faced untold dangers at sea. Steering his young cousin through a London season, however, is a truly formidable prospect, especially when the only person who can serve as her sponsor is the lovely widow Lady Claire Winthrop-the woman who jilted him years ago.



Katharine Ashe How to Be A Proper Lady

  by Katharine Ashe

Avon, ISBN

Regency Historical

Release Date – July 2012 



A man with a mission, a woman who refuses to be controlled, and a delectable wager that both of them just might win…  

An Amazon Editors’ Choice Best Book of the Month!






Kate Pearce Simply Voracious
Kate Pearce
Kensington Aphrodisia    – 
ISBN: 978-0-7582-6946-1

Erotic Regency romance  

Release Date – August 2012

With the knowledge that her reputation, and more importantly, her father’s reputation is at stake, Lady Lucinda is happy to accept a proposal of marriage in name only from her best friend Paul St. Clare. But Paul is determined to give Lucinda exactly what she wants from their marriage and is more than willing to find her a man who is worthy of her.
What he doesn’t expect is how perfectly the arrangement satisfies everyone’s desires…
twitter / kate4queen
Keiran Kramer Loving Lady Marsha
LOVING LADY MARCIA   by  Kieran Kramer
St. Martin’s Press 978-1-250-00988-3
Regency Historical  
(first in the House of Brady series)
Release Date – August 28th 2012 


Marcia gets schooled…  Of the three Brady sisters, Lady Marcia has always seemed the girl most likely to lead a perfectly charmed life. But after a handsome cad breaks her heart, she swears off love and devotes her life to teaching girls at a private school. In spite of her family’s wish for a London debut, Marcia is happy where she is—until terrible news sends her back to the Brady clan…and into the arms of an unexpected suitor.

On the subject of love. …A dark and dashing earl who knows Marcia’s past, Duncan Lattimore is surprised by what a fascinating and independent woman she’s become. Marcia, too, is surprised—by the fiery attraction she feels for Duncan. But why—why—must he be the brother of the scoundrel who broke her heart? Why must Marcia’s rival at school forbid her from seeing him? How can this lady possibly resist this fellow—when they know that it’s much more than a hunch…?

www.regencyrockstars.com (my street team with Vicky Dreiling)

I also have a free “Kieran Kramer” reader app on the iPhone and Droid


Good news from Cara Elliott

WOOT! Am delighted to announce that three new titles from my out-of print traditional Regency romance (written as Andrea Pickens) are now available as e-books on Amazon. For excerpts, please visit www.andreapickensonline.com
Jun 292012

Some very informative articles have been posted at the Working on the Web forum this month. These articles include one in the ongoing SEO series about how to correctly use the keyword meta tag successfully for enhancing the search engine optimization of your web pages without risking penalties from any of the search engines. Members who are engaged in research of the Regency period will find an article on the very first online library, which, after more than forty years, continues to add new material to its collections daily. This free online library offers a host of publications which were available during the Regency. And, unlike Google Books, this site offers only complete books and other materials, as well as a wide selection of audio books in multiple formats. Another article offers recommendations by Beau Monde members for the best online sources for promotional items. Want a mug, mouse pad or canvas tote with your latest book cover art? Click into the Working on the Web forum for recommendations from your fellow Beau Mondaines on the best sources. And, finally, for the convenience of all our members, the log in credentials for the online Regency Encyclopedia have been posted in the Working on the Web forum. Now, those credentials are available to you from any computer, at any time.

Next month, in the Working on the Web forum will be found an article on a valuable HTML meta tag which many web site owners overlook. Even though this particular tag is not technically used by search engines, it can be employed by web masters to entice searchers to click on the link to their site when it comes up in search results. For those seeking that special out-of-print or used book on a certain Regency topic, an article on the top three bookseller aggregators. Once you know about these sites, you will be able to search the inventories of literally hundreds of online booksellers, enabling you to locate and quickly compare prices on that hard-to-find book you need to complete the research for your next novel or that old-fashioned traditional Regency you read years ago and would like to read again.

If you are not yet a Beau Monde member, and would like to join us, please visit our Membership page for details.

Jun 272012

A cross-post from The Regency Redingote:

And why should you care? Well, it was everywhere during the Regency, and the word actually referred to more than one material, each of which could be put to a different purpose, though all were somewhat similar in appearance. The uses for shagreen ranged from carpentry to scientific instruments to high fashion.

Those living in the Regency would have known the difference, and I thought perhaps those of us who like to slip back to that decade through novels set during that time would like to share that knowledge. To avoid chagrin, or perhaps, to embrace it?

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Jun 252012
Kathleen Woodwiss

How We Got to Where We Are Today

Modern Historical Romance Over the Last Several Decades.

Or, A Recommended Reading List for the Uninitiated

from Regan’s Romance Reviews

Regan Romance Photo

Sometimes when I talk to fellow readers of historical romance, or even authors, and I mention a name from the past, an author who helped shape the genre, like Kathleen Woodiwiss or Rosemary Rogers, I get a blank stare in return.
Kathleen Woodiwiss's The Flame and the Flower

Kathleen Woodiwiss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  It occurred to me that as lovers of a genre it might be helpful to read   some of the classics to see where we’ve come from and to enjoy the greats who have contributed so much to the craft.


I’m not going as far back as IvanhoePride and Prejudice or Jane Eyre.



From reading to read_20120214


I’m not even reaching back to the seminal novels of Georgette Heyer in the early 20th century.


No, I’m starting in the 1970s when the bedroom door was flung open never to close again. And while I may not have included your favorite author, by reading the romances on this list, you’ll have a good idea of our beginnings and what so many wonderful authors have done for the genre.

Think of it as an education in modern historical romance. Where an author has written many novels (some early ones are still writing best sellers today), I tried to use their earliest work that influenced the genre.

So, here’s the list of the historical romances I recommend you read. Each has something to show you. Some may require you to shop online for a used book, though many are available as eBooks. I’m not saying they will all be your favorites, or that they are all mine. And I realize some readers will think I left off one I should have included.

This is a sampling meant to give you a picture of how the genre has developed over time. Most are novels I’ve rated 5 stars, so I promise you won’t be bored.

Included because of its significance…

• Bond of Blood by Roberta Gellis (1965)

Cover of "Devil's Embrace (Devil's Duolog...

The 1970s: The Pioneering Years

• The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss (1972)
• Sweet Savage Love by Rosemary Rogers (1974)
• Devil’s Desire by Laurie McBain (1975)

Devil's Desire, 1975

Devil’s Desire  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

• Love’s Tender Fury by Jennifer Wilde (aka Tom Huff) (1976)
• Captive Bride by Johanna Lindsey (1977)
• Caroline by Cynthia Wright (1977)
• This Loving Torment by Valerie Sherwood (1977)
• The Rainbow Season by Lisa Gregory (1979)

The 1980s: The Explosive Years

• Lady Vixen by Shirlee Busbee (1980)
• Skye O’Malley by Bertrice Small (1981)
• Devil’s Embrace by Catherine Coulter (1982)

Cover of "Rose of Rapture"

Rose of Rapture

• Rose of Rapture by Rebecca Brandewyne (1984)
• Whitney, My Love by Judith McNaught (1985)
• The Wind and the Sea by Marsha Canham (1986)
• The Hawk and the Dove by Virginia Henley (1988)
• Capture the Sun by Shirl Henke (1988)
• Edin’s Embrace by Nadine Crenshaw (1989)
• Sweet Savage Eden by Heather Graham (1989)
• Heartstorm by Elizabeth Stuart (1989)


Diana Gabaldon

Diana Gabaldon – Outlander                 


The 1990s: The Developing Years

• Dark Fires by Brenda Joyce (1991)
• Flowers From the Storm by Laura Kinsale (1992)
• Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (1992)
• Enchanted by Elizabeth Lowell (1994)
• The Passions of Emma by Penelope Williamson (1997)
• Kilgannon by Kathleen Givens (1999)

Cover of "The Passions of Emma"

The Passions of Emma









The Flame and The FlowerThe 2000s: The “Standing On The Shoulders of Giants” Years
• By Possession by Madeline Hunter (2000)
• Beyond the Cliffs of Kerry by Amanda Hughes (2002)
• The Captain of All Pleasures by Kresley Cole (2003)
• Laird of the Mist by Paula Quinn (2007)
• Broken Wing by Judith James (2008)
• My Lord and Spymaster by Joanna Bourne (2008)
• The Duke of Shadows by Meredith Duran (2008)
• Raeliksen by Renee Vincent (2008)

Cover of "The Captain of All Pleasures"

The Captain of All Pleasures






Cover of "Sweet Savage Eden (North Americ...

Heather Graham

Reposted on The Beau Monde with the kind permission of member and author, Regan Walker, from Regan’s Romance Reviews.

Regan Walker

A blog for lovers of romance novels, particularly historical romance–a forum where we can share great novels and our views about those we have read.

In addition to authors guest blogging, I will share my reviews, my favorite authors and my “best” lists. Come join us!

Jun 232012

In today’s article, Cheryl Bolen gives us a glimpse of the extent of the rage for all forms of gambling in the late Georgian era, which includes the Regency. Some of the tales she tells would probably be rejected by today’s Regency romance editors as completely unbelievable and yet, they are all true.

How the chips fell in Georgian times …

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Jun 212012

Regency Glossary by Donna Hatch (Part 2)



Donna Hatch says…..

People in Regency England depended upon either horseback or carriage to get around. Many of them traveled extensively from their country homes to London for the Season, which was both a social and political time of year while the House of Lords was in session.

Roads were terrible, and weather and highwaymen often made travel uncomfortable as well as dangerous. To accommodate the Regency gentry or nobility, the styles, paint design and features of carriages were as varied as today’s automobiles.

Image, status, and money, as well as personal taste, were all factors in choosing a carriage. Nobility had their family coat of arms painted on the side of their family coach.

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Jun 202012

 Regency Glossary by Donna Hatch Part 1.

Lots of Regency authors, especially the members of The Beau Monde Regency Romance Chapter, use glossaries to explain words no longer in common use.

The Beau Monde will post some of these, bit by bit, and then combine them to make a larger glossary.

Do you have any words or lists that we can add to our expanding glossary?  Types of carriages? Names for servants or workers?  Commonly used items in the Regency Era?

 We’d love to hear from you.

Our first glossary is Part 1 from Donna Hatch, regency romance author and a member of The Beau Monde chapter of Romance Writers of America.

Part 2 is a glossary of Carriage Types and will be in tomorrow’s post.

Donna Hatch says…..

The Regency has its own terminology with which the modern reader may not be familiar. The following are a few terms I often use in my books that bear explanation.

Jun 182012

What I Learned About Love From Reading Romance Novels

     by Regan Walker.

English: Romance icon

Romance icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Regan Walker

Regan Walker

There is much to be gained from reading romance novels—more than just a good story to curl up with on a rainy night.
For those of us who love the sweeping historical sagas, there can be lessons in love as well as history. If I ever write a book about this, the list below may well be my chapter titles (I’d have illustrations, of course).

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Jun 172012

Karen Erickson  is today’s Featured Author for The Beau Monde Regency chapter of Romance Writers of America.


Karen Erickson

Karen Erickson


Bestselling romance author Karen Erickson writes what she loves to read — sexy contemporary romance and sensual historical romance.

Karen has been a tireless worker for The Beau Monde Regency chapter of Romance Writers of America, taking on the organization of The Beau Monde’s annual Mini-conference and volunteering for other roles.

Digitally published since 2006, she currently writes for Samhain Publishing and Carina Press.

A native Californian, she lives in the foothills below Yosemite with her husband and three children.

A RWA member for the last seven years, she currently serves on the Beau Monde board as their conference chairperson.
Karen’s historical romance series The Merry Widows, is published at Carina Press.
The third in the series, A Scandalous Affair, will release July 30th.
A Scandalous Affair by Karen Erickson
Find Karen  at –  
Jun 152012

Assembly Room – Roundup of Regency posts

        by Angelyn Schmid

Lady writing at desk






The prime minister’s assassin:  http://bit.ly/JSTJvw
1800 Punchbowl-Vauxhall

1800 Punchbowl-Vauxhall

Vauxhall on a punch bowl
 –I’ll have some of that, please:  http://bit.ly/K1JVB6
Regency portraiture: http://bit.ly/Mkl1vv
Law Courts Solicitors

Law Courts Solicitors

Laws of succession  (and good advice to a certain contest judge): http://bit.ly/KuvwOv
Distinctions of a Regency dandy–notorious, effeminate or just plain slavish:  http://bit.ly/Jlq9mR
Not a blog post, but a book review on eye miniatures that were all the crack: http://bit.ly/KTcB0K
New characters from a Jane Austen world:  https://auaublogarchive.wordpress.com/2012/05/30/writing-unknown-austen-characters-by-sharon-lathan/
Nathaniel Hawthorne

Nathaniel Hawthorne

 Regency hotties
 (even the Lord Chancellor gets a vote):  http://bit.ly/Ka3TM0
Princess Amelia from The Georgian Era 1832

Princess Amelia from The Georgian Era 1832

                               Princess Amelia, Papa’s favorite:  http://bit.ly/MWs2HC
Love this table setting for dessert:  http://bit.ly/LekThH
In the mood for Jubilee, Regency style?  http://bit.ly/Nfd9hn
Brighton Pavilion The Steyne Front

Brighton Pavilion The Steyne Front

Brighton Pavilion –   even Princess Lieven was astonished:  http://bit.ly/JrFWy5
She was appalled, I daresay, by these caricatures of the Regency waltz:  http://bit.ly/MOiQCD
1806 Thomas Rowlandson’s image of the waltz

1806 Thomas Rowlandson’s image of the waltz

Blog links collected by Angelyn Schmid, member of The Beau Monde. 
Like history?  Fall in love with it!  
Check out my blog at www.angelynschmid.com on history and romance.
Jun 132012

A cross-post from The Regency Redingote:

Over the years, I have read a number of biographies of George IV, as well as biographies of some of those who made up his circle. There were always brief, sometimes vague, references to one shadowy member of that circle, Sir William Knighton. But the substance of the man always seemed just out of reach. I could never get a good picture of who he really was or his true position in the Regent’s household. I had the sense that Knighton may have been Prinny’s éminence grise, just as Friar Leclerc had been to Cardinal Richelieu. But there was never enough information on Knighton to know for sure. Now there is.

In 1976, Dr. William I. C. Morris, an eminent doctor and professor of obstetrics and gynecology in Manchester, wrote a brief biography of Knighton, entitled "Sir William Knighton:  The Invisible Accoucheur." That article was the first, and only, biography of William Knighton written since Knighton’s death. But that article was published in the Manchester Medical Gazette, which was not widely circulated outside the medical community. Thus, there has, to all intents and purposes, been no biography of William Knighton available to scholars and those of us who are interested in Regency history, particularly of the people who surrounded the Regent himself. Until now. A few weeks ago, I received an email from Charlotte Frost, a historian who has written the first full biography of William Knighton in the nearly two centuries since his passing. She asked if I would like to review her new book, and sent me a copy when I replied that I would. Those of you who have corresponded with me privately know that I do not pull my punches regarding my opinion of Regency research materials, regardless of how I come by them, nor will I do so here.

What I think of Charlotte Frost’s new book, Sir William Knighton:   The Strange Career of a Regency Physician

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Jun 122012

Gail Whitiker is today’s Featured Author for The Beau Monde Regency chapter of Romance Gail WhitikerWriters of America.

Gail Whitiker

 Originally hailing from Wales, Gail says her fascination with the Regency period began during frequent trips back to visit family and friends, when Sunday afternoon drives would inevitably lead to a castle, a cathedral, or a country house hotel (where she also discovered an unfortunate fondness for Devonshire cream teas and sticky toffee pudding).

She wrote her first novel in high school, but it was another twelve years before she actually sent something to a publisher and got The Call.

Improper Miss Darling      Since then, she has written over twenty historical and paranormal romances, both as Gail Whitiker and Gail Crease.            

      Her latest Regency novel, IMPROPER MISS DARLING, was a February release from Mills & Boon Historicals.




Gail makes her home on the beautiful west coast of Canada, where she’s happy to say that umbrellas outnumber snow shovels.

She loves to travel and thinks the idea of writing a novel while sipping wine in Tuscany would have to be about as good as it gets!


Website:   www.gailwhitiker.com

Twitter: @gailwhitiker

Blog:   www.penwarriors.com


Jun 102012

 The Origins of the Modern Look Men’s Clothing

18th Century –  21st Century by Maggi Andersen

I don’t pretend to be an expert on fashion. I wanted to show some of the changes which have taken place over the last few hundred years to men’s clothing, as well as the styles which have remained constant.

I’ve added a few tidbits I thought might be of interest. I’ve had to be selective here –the military influence on fashion, for example, is for another blog.

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Jun 082012

 Regency Dueling Protocol by Donna Hatch 

Regency Duelling Pistols

Regency Duelling Pistols

In England, dueling was part of a long-standing code of honor, far beyond a mere tradition. Gentlemen took their dueling very seriously; they would rather die than be dishonored.

Does your heart go pitter patter just at the sound of that? I admit, at times, mine does.

How many man that honorable do you know? Okay, maybe we’d call it misplaced pride, or an overdeveloped sense of vengeance, but hey, that was a different world with a different set of rules. And yeah, I’m glad they don’t do it these days.

By the Regency Era, dueling was outlawed. However, duels still happened more frequently than many people knew. The problem was, because courts were made up of peers, they were reluctant to charge another peer with murder as a result of a duel.

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Jun 072012

Sarah MacLean  is today’s Featured Author for The Beau Monde Regency chapter of Romance

Sarah MacLeanWriters of America.

Sarah MacLean spent much of her childhood lurking in the stacks of her local library, where she developed both her passion for history and her commitment to the romance genre. Her love of all things historical helped to earn her degrees in history and cultural anthropology from Smith College and Harvard University before she moved to New York City, where she finally set pen to paper and wrote her own book. Since then, Sarah’s romance novels have been New York Times and USA Today best-sellers, translated into more than a dozen languages, and nominated for numerous awards.

Nine Rules by Sarah Maclean    Sarah burst onto the romance scene with Nine Rules to Break When Romancing A Rake (Avon), the first in her best-selling and critically acclaimed three-book Love By Numbers series.

In early 2012, she released the first book in her new, pre-Victorian Rules of Scoundrels series, A Rogue by Any Other Name (Avon). 



When she is not writing, Sarah travels the country to discuss the romance genre and its place in both gender and cultural studies. She is also a vocal advocate for issues relating to education and literacy.A Rogue by Sarah MacLean

She lives in New York City with her husband, their dog and a ridiculously large collection of romance novels.


website/blog: www.macleanspace.com
group historical blog: www.theballroomblog.com



Jun 052012

 In our Regency Promenade today, Nancy Mayer looks at Beau Brummell.

Brummell, engraved from a miniature portrait

Brummell, engraved from a miniature portrait (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beau Brummell (1778 – 1840)

English: A portrait of George Brummell, also k...

English: A portrait of George Brummell, also known as Beau Brummell, from the front of the 1844 biography by Captain William Jesse. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I do not like Beau Brummell and  think he has been credited with more than he accomplished.

George Brummell was born in 1778. His father is said to have been a private secretary to Lord North, who was prime Minister of England from 1770- 1782.

It is said that his father had been a tradesman and he was determined that  his children should be raised as gentry. Wikipedia says George was sent to Eton and Oxford. These institutions seemed to have turned him against books and learning, or any deep thought.

He was enrolled in the 10th Hussars, the Prince’s Own, also called the Prince’s Dolls, The Prince of Wales liked to design uniforms. A majority of the officers of this  regiment were heirs to peerages and  or were wealthy. Brummell, like another George, George Leigh couldn’t keep up with them.

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Jun 042012

Joanna Bourne is today’s Featured Author for The Beau Monde Regency chapter of Romance Joanna BourneWriters of America.

Joanna Bourne lives in the foothills of the Blue Ridge with her family, a medium-sized mutt and a faux Himalayan cat.

She writes Historical Romances set in England and France during the Napoleonic Wars.

She’s fascinated by that time and place – such passionate conviction and burning idealism

… and really sexy clothes.

black hawk by joanna bourne        LINKS 

       Website — http://www.joannabourne.com/index.html

        Blog  —  http://jobourne.blogspot.com/

       Group historical blog — http://wordwenches.typepad.com/word_wenches/

       Facebook — http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1076734565

Twitter — @jobourne

Goodreads — http://www.goodreads.com/search?query=joanna+bourne



Jun 032012

More New Book Releases from authors at The Beau Monde Chapter             Lady Writing at Desk

 ( Regency historical ) of Romance Writers of America.

MORE THAN A STRANGER by Erin Knightley

More than a Stranger by Erin Knightley

More than a Stranger by Erin Knightley

NAL Signet Eclipse, 9780451237712

Regency Historical  –  June 5th (debut!) release

When his family abandoned him at Eton, Benedict Hastings found an unexpected ally in his best friend’s sister. Her letters kept him going—until the day he had to leave everything behind.

Years later, Benedict has seen his share of betrayal, but when treachery hits close to home, he turns to his old friend for safe haven….

After five torturous years on the marriage circuit, Lady Evelyn Moore is finally free to live her life as she wishes. So when her brother shows up with a dashing stranger, she finds herself torn between her dreams…and newfound desires.

Despite his determination to keep Evie at a distance, Benedict cannot deny the attraction that began with a secret correspondence. Yet as they begin to discover one another, the dangers of Benedict’s world find them, threatening their lives, their love, and everything they thought they could never have…

“Knightley’s entertaining debut sparks the imagination, as she connects her story with snippets of letters — through which the characters begin a sweet, emotional, courtship. It’s the tenderness Knightley evokes, as well as her appealing characters, that wins our hearts. Readers will eagerly await the next Sealed With a Kiss novel.” – RT Book Reviews


Twitter: @ErinKnightley



IT BEGINS WITH A KISS by Eileen Dreyer

It Begins with a Kiss by Eileen Dreyer

It Begins with a Kiss by Eileen Dreyer

Releases on July 3rd, 2012
ISBN: 9781455519316
From New York Times Bestselling Author Eileen Dreyer An all new Drake’s Rakes ebook short
Three Heroines, Friends who survived the Last Chance Academy
Plus Three Heroes, Master spies masquerading as Drake’s Rakes =
Equals  Unforgettable Romance & IT BEGINS WITH A KISS