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This month, the Working on the Web articles include the complete guidelines for those Beau Monde authors who wish to submit a Featured Author posting to the Beau Monde blog. Whether you have just published your first Regency, or if you are a well-known, best-selling author with a couple of dozen novels to your credit, submitting a brief biography and your various web site and social media links is a service to those who enjoy your work. A Featured Author post will tell them something about you, and the links you provide will enable them to locate you on the web. As you will have learned from our ongoing series on SEO, each link to your web site or blog from another, relevant site will also help increase the search engine rankings of your site or blog. By submitting a Featured Author article for posting here, you do both your readers and yourself a service. The guidelines in the Working on the Web forum will provide all the information you need to submit a Featured Author article which can be posted without additional questions. In addition, you will learn a few tips on how a professional author should name files they are submitting for any kind of promotion opportunity. As a Beau Monde member, do be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to promote your books and inform your readers.

The article in the ongoing SEO series addresses some of the advanced navigation options which can help improve search engine ranking for your web site. However, these are advanced options which should only be implemented by an experienced web master or web site developer. But several links have been provided to SEO sites which provide the advanced information which your web master can use to further increase the search engine rankings of your web site.

In the Working on the Web forum next month, the SEO series will come to a close, ironically, with the information you will need to tell the web spiders to ignore certain sections of your web site which you would prefer not to have indexed or searched. In addition, another self-promotion opportunity for Regency authors will be discussed.

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Dec 272012

Lady Writing at DeskNew Book Releases from authors at The Beau Monde Chapter

 ( Regency historical ) of Romance Writers of America.



The Persistent Earl by Gail Eastwood

Penguin Intermix, Signet Regency Reissue
Traditional Regency (with a thread of suspense)
Nursing a wounded war hero back to health is no task for a reclusive young widow, especially when he is the Earl of Devenham, a notorious rake. Lady Phoebe Brodfield already helps to care for her young niece and nephews, but she is in no position to refuse. He has never known true love, and betrayed in marriage, she never wants to know it again. Can these two damaged souls heal each other? Unsuspected and escalating danger puts both their lives at risk, and they must solve a riddle from Phoebe’s past to have a chance for a future bright with love.
Reviewer’s Choice Award nominee (1995) –Romantic Times
“ROMY” Award finalist –A Little Romance
“A fast-paced plot and well-drawn characterizations combine into a wonderfully delightful read…” –Affaire de Coeur
“…the reader won’t be able to stop until all is revealed…:–Rendezvous / /


Five Golden Rings CoverFive Golden Rings (Five Author Holiday Anthology eBook including Karen Erickson)

Avon Impulse/Harper Collins, 9780062264992

The Duke of Ashton has had three years to plan for his perfect Christmas present—the Lady Eleanor Fitzsimmons as his wife. Now, all he has to do is convince the reluctant lady…(novella entitled HIS PERFECT GIFT)


Stolen Away CoverStolen Away by Shannon Donnelly

A Regency Novella

Cool Gus Publishing
Traditional Regency (Novella)
Tangled lies…and even more tangled hearts…
As the mastermind behind her cousin’s London success, Audrey Colbert has even managed to obtain a proposal from the elusive Marques of Arncliffe. But when the bride-to-be is stolen away by a fortune hunter, Audrey sets out to fetch her back…only to run into Arncliffe. Audrey tells one set of fibs and then another, but Arncliffe insists on accompanying her. As she comes to know the man behind the title, Audrey realizes the truth…she really wants Arncliffe for herself.
Conner, Lord Arncliffe, resisted every matchmaking attempt in the belief that someday he would fall in love. When a dazzling beauty crossed his path, it was the letters she wrote…charming, funny, warm letters…that captured his heart. However, meeting up with his bride’s cousin, Audrey, on the road, he soon realizes she wrote him those letters. Now, how can he honorably break his engagement to the wrong woman so he can court the right one?


Silver Links CoverSilver Links by Shannon Donnelly

A Regency Novella

Cool Gus Publishing
Traditional Regency (Novella)
The perfect marriage gone perfectly wrong…
Olivia has what seem the ideal marriage to the rising politician, Lord Duncastle. But when she lets slip a secret to the wrong person, the gossip damages his trust in her—and her marriage. How can she mend the broken links of their love?
Swept away by a whirlwind romance, Layton, Lord Duncastle, fears now that he acted too fast and chose a wife who will ruin him. Malicious gossip destroyed his father’s ambitions—and now he fears he is repeating his father’s mistakes. Can he find it in him to give his wife a second chance—or will he remake his marriage into a loveless match for the sake of his political career?


Cavershams Bride CoverCaversham’s Bride by Sandy Raven

Sandy Raven LLC, 978-1-939359-0-1 (CreateSpace)
Sold into slavery by the men who were supposed to kill her, Angelia Gualtiero must now convince the man who purchased her to help her. Lia would do anything to save her little brother from her murderous aunt, even marry a man she knows wants nothing more than use of her body.
Marcus Renfield Halden, Ninth Duke of Caversham, needs an heir to secure his legacy and the futures of his young sisters from a desperate cousin whom he suspects of targeting him in pursuit of the title and fortune. When he sees a woman running from her guard in a market in Tangier, he is at first captivated by her beauty. After Ren learns her story, he’s in awe of her bravery. He then makes Lia an offer she cannot refuse.
Her brother for an heir.
What neither expected was to fall in love.


Miss Quinn's Quandary CoverMiss Quinn’s Quandary by Shirley Marks

Montlake Romance, ASIN: B00A22BCY4, 978-1477811818
Traditional Regency
Larissa Quinn travels to Westmoreland to care for her aunt. After the day’s journey, the barn of an inn with a single vacancy is the only place for the weary travelers.
Convinced they will never see one another again and that no one will be the wiser, Larissa steps forward to claim the last room, saying she is newly wed to Sir Randall Trent, baronet.
Both are surprised to be thrown together in London for the Season where life is about to offer Larissa an adventure unlike any she had ever imagined.


His Lordship's ChaperoneHis Lordship’s Chaperone by Shirley Marks

Montlake Romance, ISBN-13: 978-1477811825, ASIN: B00A9TMRFS
Traditional Regency
Robert the Marquess of Haverton desires a chaperone to keep from falling prey to the married, widowed, and single ladies of London. The Duchess of Waverly is sympathetic to her son’s predicament and help him find a suitable female to fill the position.
Miss Catherine Hayward accepts this unusual job. She is surprised to find the need to keep her new charge from being compromised is genuine. Soon she finds herself falling for her employer which makes her the exact type of woman from whom he is to be protected.


Lady Eugenia's Holiday CoverLady Eugenia’s Holiday by Shirley Marks

Montlake Romance, ISBN-13: 978-1611097726, ASIN: B00A9T63U8
Traditional Holiday Regency
Even though she missed her London Season debut, Lady Eugenia Abbott’s dreams of attending parties and meeting young gentlemen comes true as she travels with her aunt to Brighton for some post-Season gaiety.
Lady Eugenia becomes a social success. She even catches the attention of an elusive duke, whose curious behavior causes her to question his intentions. In her pursuit of the duke, Lady Eugenia stumbles upon a deadly plot that places her life and that of the man she loves in danger. Given time, Eugenia can forgive the duplicity, but what about the betrayal of her heart?


To Catch a Captain by Ava Stone

Night Shift Publishing, 9781301183395
Available at Amazon, B&N, iBooks
Regency Historical
Still smarting from his brother and former fiancée’s betrayal, rakish Captain Russell Avery arrives at his sister’s Derbyshire estate, looking for something or someone to help soothe his bruised ego. When a pretty little Irish maid stumbles into his chamber one morning, Russell is certain he’s found just the distraction he’s looking for. Well, at least until he learns who the lass truly is and the place she’s to hold in his sister’s household.


Ladies and Gentlemen by Ava Stone

Night Shift Publishing, 9781301799022
Available at Amazon, B&N, iBooks
Regency Historical
A compilation of three connected novellas—A COUNTERFEIT CHRISTMAS SUMMONS (originally in A Summons From Yorkshire). Lady Emma Whitton tricks the object of her desire into attending the holidays at her family’s home. BY ANY OTHER NAME (originally in The Betting Season). Lady Philippa Casemore is supposed to stay far away from wicked Lord St. Austell. If only she remembered what he looked like. MY LORD HERCULES (originally in A Season to Remember). Miss Miranda Bartlett will do anything to locate her missing friend no matter how dangerous. Unfortunately, Lord Harrison Casemore seems determined to thwart her plans and keep her safe at all costs.


Redeeming Jack CoverRedeeming Jack by Kate Pearce

e-book available on kindle, nook, iBook, ARe etc
Regency historical romance.
Disowned and disinherited by his aristocratic family, Jack Llewelyn survives on his wits and his ability to nurse officers returning from the Napoleonic Wars. He is prepared to go to any lengths to clear his name, but fate, and the Duke of Diable Delamere, have different plans for Jack. Soon, he will be hunting a missing spy, discovering old family secrets, and risking his life pursuing a woman who has changed beyond recognition Only then will he be able to face his lost love, ask her forgiveness and finally deserve his very happy ending.
twitter /kate4queen


The Viscount's Pleasure House CoverThe Viscount’s Pleasure House by Suzi Love

Crimson Romance, an Imprint of F & W Media, 1440560460
Regency Erotic Historical
In exchange for information about his mother and sisters, London’s most notorious Viscount is coerced into allowing three respectable women to visit his Pleasure Houses. The goal of the ladies is to learn how to hold men’s attention by giving them exquisite pleasure. Each lady comes to the pleasure gardens a little naive, but leaves as knowledgeable as a well schooled courtesan. Though the world-weary viscount falls in head over heels in love with one of the ladies, he struggles to find reasons to convince her to trust him, and to marry him, after their visit to the country Pleasure House is over.
Twitter – @suzilove
Facebook – Suzi Love’s Face Book Author Page –
Suzi Love Magazine –

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Dec 242012

Lady Writing at DeskNew Book Releases from authors at The Beau Monde Chapter

 ( Regency historical ) of Romance Writers of America.


The Importance of Being Wicked Cover The Importance of Being Wicked by Miranda Neville

Avon, 978-0062199034
Georgian Historical (1800)
The first in a new series
The first in a new series, named as one of Publishers Weekly’s Top Ten Romances for the fall. Thomas, Duke of Castleton, has every intention of wedding a prim and proper heiress. That is, until he sets eyes on the heiress’s cousin Caro, easily the least proper woman he’s ever met. His devotion to family duty is no defense against the red-headed vixen whose greatest asset seems to be a talent for trouble…



Demon's Curse CoverDemon’s Curse by Alexa Egan

Book #1 of The Imnada Brotherhood

Pocket Books, 978-1-4516-7290-9
Regency Paranormal
One of the mythical race of shape-shifting Imnada and a member of an elite military unit, Captain Mac Flannery suffers under a ruthless curse. As the result of a savage massacre on the eve of Waterloo, he and the men he served with are forced to live the hours of darkness trapped as their animal aspects. Now one of them has been murdered, and Mac suspects the existence of the Imnada may finally have been discovered. His only link to unearthing the truth—Bianca Parrino, the beautiful actress whom every man desires.
Forging a new life for herself after escaping the clutches of her abusive husband, Bianca Parrino is once again drawn into violence when a dear friend is brutally murdered and she becomes a suspect in his death. Forced to place her trust and her life in Mac’s hands as they flee a determined killer, Bianca cannot deny she is falling for the mysterious soldier. But will his dark secrets tear them asunder? Or will love be the key to breaking even the cruelest of spells?


A Suitable Wife CoverA Suitable Wife by Louise M. Gouge

Harlequin Love Inspired Historical, 978-0-373-82945-3
Inspirational Regency
An Impossible Attraction
Lady Beatrice Gregory has beauty, brains—and a wastrel brother. With her family fortune squandered, her only chance of a Season is as a lowly companion. London’s glittering balls and parties are bittersweet when Beatrice has no hope of a match. Even when every marriageable miss in London is paraded before him, the only woman to capture Lord Greystone’s attention is the one he shouldn’t pursue. Yet Lady Beatrice may be the only wife to suit his lord’s heart.
4 stars from RT: “This story perfectly portrays the rules of London’s aristocracy, as both the heroine and hero learn lessons in equality and humility.”
Twitter: @Louisemgouge


Ripe for Seduction CoverRipe for Seduction by Isobel Carr

Grand Central, 0446572748
Georgian Historical (1800)
The League of Second Sons
A secret society of younger sons, sworn to aid and abet each other, no matter the scandal or cost…
After the scandalous demise of her marriage, Lady Olivia Carlow knows the rakes of the ton will think her fair game. So when a letter arrives bearing an indecent offer from the incorrigible Roland Devere, she seizes the opportunity. Turning the tables on the notorious rogue, she blackmails him into playing her betrothed for the season. But no matter how broad his shoulders or chiseled his features, she will never fall prey to his suave charm.
When Roland boasted he’d be the first into Lady Olivia’s bed, he couldn’t have imagined that behind those brilliant blue eyes lurked a vixen with a scheme of her own. Still, Roland is not about to abandon his original wager. If anything, learning that the lovely Olivia is as bold as she is beautiful makes him more determined to seduce her into never saying “never” again.
“A delightful and erotic page-turner.” (Publishers Weekly, starred review )
***Don’t miss the bonus scene on Isobel’s website!***


A Taste for Scandal CoverA Taste for Scandal by Erin Knightley

Penguin/NAL, 978-0451413475
Regency Historical
Things have always fallen into place for Richard Moore, Earl of Raleigh. His good looks, abundance of charm, and the small matter of being heir to a marquisate make him quite the catch. So when a delectable young woman wants nothing to do with him, he can’t help but seize the irresistible challenge.
Jane Bunting knows all about responsibility—she has managed to support herself and her brother with their bakery—but she knows nothing of excitement or passion. When dashing Lord Raleigh crosses the threshold of her shop, she has no idea of the potential danger to her reputation…or to her heart.
Neither imagined things would go so far—until the night their worlds collide, irrevocably changing both their lives. But when duty calls for Richard, and with everything Jane’s worked for suddenly at stake, will their taste for scandal be their downfall?
“One of the…most beautifully crafted romances I’ve read in years!” -New York Times Bestselling Author Jillian Hunter


Simple Scandalous CoverSimply Scandalous by Kate Pearce

Kensington Aphrodisia, 978-0-7582-6947-8
Erotic Regency romance
After years of fighting on the continent, Richard Ross has finally returned to London to make peace with his father. And the erotic delights of his stepmother’s Pleasure House provide a welcome distraction for his war-weary heart. But he is shocked to encounter someone there whose resemblance to his lost love leaves him both tempted and tormented…
twitter /kate4queen




Recipe for Treason CoverRecipe for Treason by Andrea Penrose

Signet Onyx, 978-0-451-23886-3
Regency-set Historical Mystery
England, 1814. Lady Arianna Hadley and her husband, the Earl of Saybrook, want nothing more than to savor a quiet life embellished by the occasional cup of the finest chocolate. However, when they receive orders to travel to Scotland and capture an elusive traitor, they feel their duty to the Crown must come first.
In a laboratory in Scotland, they discover a dying chemistry professor and cryptic papers hinting at a dangerous new discovery now in enemy hands. Racing against time, Arianna and Saybrook pursue their most cunning and dangerous adversary yet through a complex network of intrigue involving exotic chocolates, daredevil aviators, a missing inventor, and a secret recipe that must be recovered at any cost …

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Dec 212012

Do you have a need to get one or more of the characters in your Regency novel from one side of the Atlantic to the other in a hurry? If so, the packet boat is the best option available, though they were one of the most expensive forms of travel and accommodations were far from luxurious. In today’s article, award-winning Regency novelist, Cheryl Bolen tells us about the details of packet boat travel which will help other authors to craft an accurate scene on a Regency-era packet boat.

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Dec 182012

A cross-post from The Regency Redingote:

Really! Hardly anyone in the Regency cared about minutes. Nor had anyone, anywhere, cared about these small measurements of time, throughout all of time, until just a few short years after the death of George IV, the erstwhile Prince Regent. Since then, nearly everyone pays attention to the minutes.

A brief summary of the measurement of time, what that meant for denizens of the Regency, and when and why the minute became important.

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Dec 142012

Many of us have run across references to the famed herbal by Nicholas Culpeper in the course of our research into various aspects of Regency medicine and horticulture. Though it was originally published in the mid-seventeenth century, it was still in print during the Regency. Not only was it still considered an important medical reference, many gardeners relied upon it to determine which plants to cultivate in their kitchen gardens. In today’s article, Cheryl Bolen reviews a more recent reprint of Culpeper’s best-selling herbal, in which you will learn which plant "stirs up bodily lust" and which plant is a "gallant expeller of wind."

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Dec 112012

In this month’s article from best-selling author, Gaelen Foley, you will learn from a successful author how you can create a place for yourself that will not only enable you to write with less stress, but to truly enjoy the writing process itself. If you are now or want to write professionally, it means you are going to be doing a lot of writing. Gaelen offers you a number of techniques that she has employed to enhance her own writing environment which may help you to improve your own writing workplace.

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Dec 082012

Berry Bros. at Christmas


Today you can find Berry Bros. & Rudd wine merchants at No. 3 St. James Street in London—just as you could during the Regency period from 1811 to 1820, though the name over the door then was “George Berry.” This historic establishment has been in business since 1698 at the same location. The current owner, Simon Berry tells me the shop has changed little since it opened. Though the fireplace has been abandoned for central heating, and the cellar is now a place for elegant wine dinners, it still has the original oak plank floors, and it still honors its roots as a merchant selling provisions, exotic spices, tea and coffee—as well as wines from around the world.

Berry’s was first established in 1698 by the Widow Bourne as a grocer’s shop, the “Coffee Mill,” and remained in the hands of the good widow until her daughter, Elizabeth, was successfully wooed by William Pickering. In 1731, Sir Thomas Hanmer, Speaker of the House of Commons, leased the shop to Pickering to be rebuilt along with the houses in the court behind, now known as Pickering Place.

In 1734, William Pickering died and his widow Elizabeth took over the running of the business until 1737, when she handed over both the grocery and the “arms painting and heraldic furnishing” side of the business to her sons William and John. John Pickering died in 1754. With no suitable heir, his brother William took as his partner John Clarke who was distantly related.

By 1765, at the sign of the “Coffee Mill,” (which still hangs from the storefront but cannot be clearly seen in the picture as it’s at a right angle), Berry’s not only supplied the fashionable “Coffee Houses” (later to become Clubs such as Boodles and Whites), but also began weighing customers on giant coffee scales. Records of customers’ weights, including those of the Royal Dukes, Lord Byron, former Prime Minister William Pitt and the Aga Khan, span three centuries and are still added to, to this day.

Berry’s first supplied wine to the British Royal Family during King George III’s reign, and today holds two Royal Warrants for H.M. The Queen and H.R.H. The Prince of Wales.

John Clarke died in 1788, and while he had no son, his daughter, Mary had married John Berry, a wine merchant in Exeter. Their son, George, although only one year old, had already been designated by his grandfather as heir to the Coffee Mill. Before he died, John Clarke found as a suitable “caretaker” to manage affairs, the Browne’s of Westerham, a rich and prospering family of lawyers and yeomen into which John Berry’s sister had married, and they agreed to look after the business until George was old enough to take over.

George was only sixteen in 1803 when he made the two-day journey from Exeter. For seven years he must have played the part of apprentice, for it was not until he was 23, in 1810 that his name was stretched across the double-fronted fascia of No. 3 St James’s Street. And this is how it looked in Regency England.

In 1815, St James’s Street was a very masculine domain (Georgette Heyer describes her heroine in The Grand Sophy as risking her reputation just by driving her phaeton down St James’s Street); however, the Dighton etching of the shop front, which dates from that same year, shows women amongst the male passers-by, and they do not seem to be causing too much scandal. They are either walking with a male companion or as a pair, so perhaps some form of protection was still the norm.

The paving of Westminster’s streets began in the mid 18th century, but wasn’t completed until the mid 19th. Still, the main roads, such as St James’s Street, would have been paved by 1815 as suggested in the etching.

In 1838 the Chartist riots raged through provincial England and spread panic in London. Accompanied by his friend Prince Louis Napoleon, George Berry was sworn in as a special constable. Prince Louis Napoleon, who as Napoleon III founded the Deuxième Empire in 1851, had a close association with Berry’s. During his two-year stay in London he used the cellars for sundry secret meetings with Sherer the (reputed) editor of the “Standard.”

My new Regency Christmas story, The Holly & The Thistle, begins in Berry’s wine shop where the heroine, a young English widow (“the holly”) and the hero, a Scot (“the thistle”) meet just before Christmastide, each believing the other is someone else. It will put you in the mood for Christmas, I promise!

Regan Walker

Dec 052012

Our Regency Personage for December was born in December

Jane Austen was born on December 16, 1775. She was the seventh of eight children and only the second daughter. Her father was a clergyman.

Her oldest brother was James who became a clergyman like their father.

The second brother was George about whom not much is known. It is thought that he was deaf because Jane knew how to “speak with her fingers.” Some say he had other problems and might have been a Down’s syndrome child. George lived in a private home with a caretaker all his life.

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