May 122015

So many articles this month! I hope you find some of them to be of interest.

Gillray-very slippy weatherThe prodigiously talented Gillray:

The care and upbringing of foundlings:

A London walk:

Palace and castle:

The middle class:

Where Sally Jersey lived:

On one kind of coach:

The King’s Bench Prison:

April Fools:

Long gone London:

The docks:

The Marquis de Lafayette:

Court of Chancery:

On table manners:

Irish crafts:

Jane and the seaside:

Shaving explained:


The vexations of wealth:

More about the port:

Not your usual info about traveling to Bath:

Portrait of Queen Charlotte:

Portrait of a scandal:

A fan:

Quote from Byron:

On Berkeley Square:

Whigs and Tories explained:

Surgical instruments (shudder):


The lovely long and short S:

PJs back then:

Gin palaces:

Coaching accidents:


All about writing letters:

Hats and impending war:


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