Sep 132011

‘Down Under’, several Beau Monde members (from Romance Writers of Australia and New Zealand) are taking part in a five day Launch Party to introduce Historical Hearts.

Do you know a lot about the Regency? Want to win prizes and support the Regency authors at the Historical Hearts blog? Then drop by every day this week for gossip, fun and prizes.

 Historical Hearts: Historical Hearts Launch Party – Day 1:

Tamara Gill  – We’re all very excited to announce a blog for Australian Historical Romance Writers. Over the next five days we’ll be giving away books, critiques, bookmarks, wonderful prizes of all kinds to celebrate the launch of this fabulous blog. Any loyal reader of Regency historicals will know the answer to my question immediately, but…we’re here to have fun, not to tax our loyal followers too much.

Question –  “Where did the ton like to promenade, ride and gossip in the afternoon?”

Suzi Love – I’ve made my questions a bit more difficult, although if you’ve read the history posts here at The Beau Monde world blog, you already know most of the answers.

  1. Around 1810, an open-air owner-driven two-wheeled vehicle came into use but only reached its peak of popularity during the early Victorian years. It was designed for a single horse and with only a small platform at the back for the ‘Tiger’ to stand. What was it called?
  2. In 1822, the word ‘tranquilizer’ was invented to describe the effect of opium. The book was called Confessions of an English Opium Eater and the author was….Who?

    Photo of The London Science Museum's difference engine, the first one actually built from Babbage's design.

  3. In 1822, Charles Babbage proposed a difference engine.
  4. This was an early version of ….. What?

  5. In 1840, the earliest adhesive postage stamps in the world were placed on sale in the United Kingdom. They carried the head of Queen Victoria and were called….What?
  6. During Napoleon’s military campaigns, he reportedly always carried something with him which he ate when he needed a boost of energy. What did he carry?

So please, go and join the fun and leave a comment.

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