Mar 242011

It’s Golden Heart Week

It’s the week we’ve all been waiting for! Doesn’t last November, when we cautiously and optimistically FedEx’d our bulging packages full of manuscript copies and binder clips goodbye on the crisp autumn breeze, seem SO long ago? On Friday, the calls go out from RWA to the winners of the Golden Heart Contest for unpublished writers. I’m very excited because this year, I know so many more people who are “going for the gold” thanks to Cyndi D’Alba setting up a loop for a bunch of us who entered. Plus, I have friends who are anxiously (or not so anxiously) holding their breath.

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I’ll be following the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood all week. They are posting GH-related topics all week. Today’s was “T-minus Four and Counting to Golden Heart Day.”

It was a great hoot to follow their blog last year where they celebrated with everyone’s announcements as they happened, and the winners often stopped in to say hi and give their reactions.

To the friends I know who entered, GOOD LUCK!!!

See you all on Friday–I am going to stock up on my secret chocolate stash for fortitude!

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  4 Responses to “Miranda Liasson talks about Golden Heart Week”

  1. It’s been some time since I’ve awaited a GH call, but the two calls I did get for being a finalist did more than make my day — it’s great because you get to be a finalist for three months! And it’s more than worth your time to get yourself to RWA conference when you can enjoy the perks and then have a nervous meltdown waiting for the final results. Win or not, just getting to finalist status means a lot.

    • Shannon,
      Lucky you being a finalist twice. Well done!
      And can’t wait to get to conference to celebrate and commiserate with all the GH entrants,

  2. I’ve got a box of chocolates on one hand and a box of tissues on the other. I invite everyone to visit the Ruby Slipper Sisterhood blog tomorrow. We throw a GREAT party whether it be to celebrate the thrill of victory or to commiserate the agony of defeat!

    • Louisa,
      We’ll all be over there for one or the other – chocolates or commiserations!
      On behalf of all the Beau Monde members chewing fingernails and watching the phone.

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