Dec 182015

Silhouettes of a man and woman in Regency dress against a background of the number 80

With this article, the Beau Monde brings to a close its year-long celebration of the eightieth anniversary of the Regency romance novel, the very first of which, Regency Buck, was written by Georgette Heyer and published in 1935. Yet today’s final article in this series is about a book which is neither a Regency nor a romance, My Lord John. Nevertheless, this book was very close to Georgette Heyer’s heart. Kalinya Parker-Pryce, historical romance author, explains why this book was so important to Heyer and where it stands in her body of work. She also provides some good advice for readers who are coming to this book for the first time. Advice that will enable them to get the most out of this tale in which Heyer invested so much of herself.

As always, please feel free to share your views about this book, historical romance and/or Georgette Heyer, in comments to this article.

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