Jul 312013

An additional recommended firm which builds web sites for authors was added to the Working on the Web section of the Beau Monde forum this month. This new design firm was added to the list of Beau Monde member recommended web designers which was originally posted in May. If you are in need of a new web site, or just a new look for you site, log in to the Working on the Web forum to learn more about the web design firms recommended by our members.

An article on using Google’s Advanced Search page was also posted in the Working on the Web section of the forum this month. There, you can learn how to save time when searching the web by refining your searches to deliver more targeted and relevant search results each time you search.

Next month, the Working on the Web forum will include an article on a very powerful online currency conversion calculator for the British pound which enables you to determine its purchasing power from the Middle Ages to the present. A handy tool for the authors of Regencies, and other historical romance novels.

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