Jun 122012

Gail Whitiker is today’s Featured Author for The Beau Monde Regency chapter of Romance Gail WhitikerWriters of America.

Gail Whitiker

Originally hailing from Wales, Gail says her fascination with the Regency period began during frequent trips back to visit family and friends, when Sunday afternoon drives would inevitably lead to a castle, a cathedral, or a country house hotel (where she also discovered an unfortunate fondness for Devonshire cream teas and sticky toffee pudding).

She wrote her first novel in high school, but it was another twelve years before she actually sent something to a publisher and got The Call.

Improper Miss DarlingSince then, she has written over twenty historical and paranormal romances, both as Gail Whitiker and Gail Crease.

Her latest Regency novel, IMPROPER MISS DARLING, was a February release from Mills & Boon Historicals.

Gail makes her home on the beautiful west coast of Canada, where she’s happy to say that umbrellas outnumber snow shovels.

She loves to travel and thinks the idea of writing a novel while sipping wine in Tuscany would have to be about as good as it gets!

Website: www.gailwhitiker.com
Twitter: @gailwhitiker
Blog: www.penwarriors.com

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