Oct 202011

 Sense & Sensibility is 200 Years Old

Did you know that Jane Austen’s first book is 200years old? 

Originally published in 1811, Jane Austen’s first published novel is now 200 years old and has been revered as a classic romance of manners. Becca from our friends at The Jane Austen Gift Shop in Bath, UK, has news about the book and a beautiful Special Leatherbound Edition.

Sense and Sensibility was Austen’s first published novel, which she wrote under the pseudonym “A Lady”. It was published 200 years ago in 1811 in 3 volumes. Austen paid for the book to be published and paid the publisher a commission on sales. The cost of publication was more than a third of Austen’s annual household income of £460 (about £15,000 in 2008 currency). She made a profit of £140 (almost £5,000 in 2008 currency) on the first edition, which sold all 750 printed copies by July 1813.

This week – celebrate 200 years of Sense & Sensibility with this gorgeous leather-bound edition of the romantic classic. Escape into the world of Jane Austen. At only £15 this luxurious edition could be yours, and it will also make the perfect gift this Christmas! This exquisite collectible edition features an elegant bonded-leather binding, a satin-ribbon bookmark, distinctive stained edging, and decorative marbled endpapers.

Sense and Sensibility

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