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January 2018 Releases

Cover image for Redeeming the Roguish Rake by Liz Tyner

Liz Tyner

Redeeming the Roguish Rake

Print | ebook
Sensual Historical

Beaten and left for dead, the notorious rake Foxworthy begins a perfect relationship with the vicar’s daughter, but then he regains his ability to speak.

Release Date: 01/01/2018

Cover image for My Gentleman Thief by Meredith Bond

Meredith Bond

My Gentleman Thief (The Merry Men Series)

Anessa Books
Print | ebook
Sweet Traditional

Thalia Grace has a habit of flaunting Regency society—whether it be racing her horse against ungentlemanly earls or standing up to the arrogant lady patronesses of Almack’s. But after a handsome Greek artist comes to visit, she discovers her true calling—to follow in the footsteps of her archaeologist parents.

The talented Yiannis Istoriakis is passionate about Greek antiquities—he would do anything to ensure that they are treated with proper respect. But he never expected to become a thief…much less be so fascinated by the spirited woman he needs to become his accomplice.

As Thalia and Yiannis suffer through London’s social whirl while stealing priceless antiquities, they find that it’s their hearts that are in danger of being stolen.

Release Date: 01/18/18

Still Available

Cover image for Winning Violet by Becky Lower

Becky Lower

Winning Violet (Flower Girls)

Simon & Schuster/Crimson Romance
Print | eBook | PDF
Sensual Historical

Everything’s coming up roses for an English miss and an American gentleman in this delightful new series from the author of the Cotillion Ball saga!

After British soldiers killed his wife and child during the War of 1812, Parker Sinclair vowed to never set foot on English soil. But as Thomas Jefferson’s landscaper, one must sometimes make the ultimate sacrifice. The last thing Parker expects to find is an educated English beauty who can teach him so much more than how to plant a magnificent garden.

An expert at cross-pollinating roses, Violet Wilson’s dreams of becoming the first woman recognized by the Royal Horticultural Society are fading because she’s afraid to leave the quiet solitude of her family’s nursery. Distrustful of men after a traumatic encounter, she’s not keen on disrupting her routine to help the American landscaper, but she soon blossoms under his kindness and respect.

As they fall in love, can this shrinking Violet take the risk of leaving behind all she knows for a new life with Parker? Or is he considering a different ending altogether?

Release Date: 12/25/2017

Cover image for Match Made in Heather by Anna Harrington

Anna Harrington

Match Made in Heather

SMP Swerve
Spicy Historical

Arabel Rowland was the laird’s daughter, courted by sons of dukes and as wild and untamed as the Highlands around her. Garrick McGuiness was nothing more than a penniless, nameless Scot working in the Rowland stables with nothing to offer but his heart. On the eve when they were to elope, Arabel is forced to make a decision that changes both of their lives–one that drives them apart for a decade.

Ten years later, Garrick is now Earl of Townsend and surprised to receive word of an inheritance from the Rowlands–and simply stunned to learn that he must share that inheritance with the one woman he hoped never to see again. His plan is to fulfill the will’s requirement, take the money, and never return to Scotland again. But when the deadly secret that came between them is revealed, he finds himself experiencing the Highlands–and his feelings toward Arabel—in a way he never did before. Fate tore them apart, but now he’s back in her life with status, money and a title. Can they let go of past hurts and find love?

Release Date: 12/19/2017

Cover image for The Lady & Mr. Jones by Alyssa Alexander

Alyssa Alexander

The Lady & Mr. Jones (A Spy In The Ton)

eBook | POD
Sensual Historical

Jones, born in the rookeries, was saved as a young boy and trained to be an elite spy. He serves His Majesty in espionage, hunting rogue spies. Cat Ashdown is a baroness. She knows every detail of every estate that commands the largest income in Britain—yet her father placed her inheritance in trust to her uncle who is forcing her to marry against her will. The baroness’s battle against law and convention leads her to Jones and results that are surprising … and possibly unwanted.

Release Date: 11/27/2017

Cover image for The Blackthorne Curse by Blair Bancroft

Blair Bancroft

The Blackthorne Curse

Kone Enterprises
Sweet Gothic Regency

Upon the death of her father, young Serafina Blackthorne of New Haven, Connecticut, finds herself emigrating from the New World to the Old. To her grandfather, who lives on Dartmoor, a place where eerie legends abound and where she discovers, to her horror, that she is part of one—the Blackthorne Curse. Even as she clings to the hope that the Curse is nothing more than imagination, a less ghostly threat arises. The more Serafina attempts to outmaneuver the Curse, the more she seems to be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. She finally has but one hope left. But does her childhood friend really wish to save her, or is he destined to be her executioner?

Release Date: 11/28/2017

Cover image for Daring Widow by Cerise DeLand

Cerise DeLand

Daring Widow (Those Notorious Americans)

W. J. Power
Print | eBook
Spicy Victorian

Marianne Roland is a widow who has left behind her past including memories of an intemperate husband and the hardships of the American civil war. Now she enjoys the comforts her wealthy Uncle Killian bestows on all his family. As she watches others fall in love, she decides to find an amusing lover for herself but only for one enchanting night.

Andre Claude Marceau, Duc de Remy and Prince d’Aumale, finds Marianne’s joie de vivre enchanting—and her plan for a temporary affair with him impossible.

He offers her one night in his arms, and to his delight, she craves another. But he needs more from her than a few hours of bliss. When he shows her how to fill her days with passions that complement those they enjoy together at night, Marianne must choose.

Will she insist on a passing fancy? Or will she abandon the terrors of her past to embrace a brighter future beside a man who offers her a grand love affair with life?

Release Date: 12/01/2017

Cover image for My Lady's Lover by Nicola Davidson

Nicola Davidson

My Lady’s Lover (Surrey SFS)

Nicola Davidson
Burning hot Historical

Beatrice Irving has been in love with her employer since the day they met. Even more forbidden, she is Amelia, Countess of Garrick—intelligent, beautiful, and very much married—and an affair that would cause the society scandal to end all scandals. It seems Beatrice is destined to remain alone, her only joy the deliciously wicked monthly meetings of the Surrey Sexual Freedom Society.
Amelia Garrick is desperate. Trapped in a bad marriage to a man she doesn’t love and unable to give him an heir, her one solace is her companion, Beatrice. Until the night friendship becomes something more, and Amelia is introduced to an intoxicating new world. Together they risk all. Yet now she’s had a heady taste of scorching hot pleasure, Amelia can’t resist…

Release Date: 11/27/2017

Cover image for Pride and Prejudice and a Shakespearean Scholar by Regina Jeffers

Regina Jeffers

Pride and Prejudice and a Shakespearean Scholar

Regina Montenaro
Print | eBook | PDF
Traditional Sweet

Unless one knows the value of loyalty, he cannot appreciate the cost of betrayal.

What if Darcy and Elizabeth met weeks before the Meryton assembly? What if there is no barely “tolerable” remark to have Elizabeth rejecting Mr. Darcy’s affections, but rather a dip in a cold creek that sets her against him? What if Mr. Bennet is a renown Shakespearean scholar who encourages Darcy to act the role of Petruchio from Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew” to bring Elizabeth’s Katherina persona to the line.

ELIZABETH BENNET’s pride has her learning a difficult lesson: Loyalty is hard to find, and trust is easy to lose. Even after they share a passionate kiss outside the Meryton assembly hall and are forced to marry, Elizabeth cannot forget the indignity she experienced at the hands of Fitzwilliam Darcy. Although she despises his high-handedness, Elizabeth appreciates the protection he provides her in their marriage. But can she set her prejudice aside long enough to know a great love?

FITZWILLIAM DARCY places only two demands on his new wife: her loyalty and her trust, but when she invites his worst enemy to Darcy House, he has no choice but to turn her out. Trusting her had been his decision, but proving his choice the right one before she destroys two hearts meant to be together must be hers, and Darcy is not certain Elizabeth is up to the task.

Release Date: 12/15/2017

Cover image for Back in My Arms Again by Cora Lee

Cora Lee

Back In My Arms Again (Maitland Maidens)

More Than Words Press
Traditional sweet

Mr. James Fitzsimmons is the son of a well-to-do farmer, solidly among the ranks of the gentry but not privileged enough to move in the same circles as a duke’s daughter. Meeting Lady Cecilia seventeen years ago was pure luck, but falling in love with her was pure torment. When she refused his offer of marriage he vowed to put her out of his mind—and his heart. But when James discovers a powerful lord is threatening to take the farm and ruin the Fitzsimmons name, he knows he needs an influential ally. Can James agree to Cecilia’s terms and risk his heart once more to save his family?

Lady Cecilia Maitland has everything an unmarried woman could want: money of her own, high social status, and the ability to live life on her own terms. What she doesn’t have is the only man she ever loved. She turned down James’s proposal all those years ago and didn’t see him again…until he turned up at a house party in search of a patron. Cecilia knows she can provide him the monetary and social support he needs if they marry, but will he accept such an offer from the woman who broke his heart? And what will it cost her if he does?

Release Date: 11/20/2017

Cover image for Healing Lord Barton by Arietta Richmond

Arietta Richmond

Healing Lord Barton (His Majesty’s Hounds)

Dreamstone Publishing
Print | eBook
Sweet Clean Historical

A Lord damaged by war, a Lady mired in guilt and despair, a mystery of tragic love, a chance to correct the follies of the past, a love that heals all hurts.

Lady Sybilla Barrington has spent two years certain of her guilt, and has chosen to shut herself away to write a gothic novel, rather than face going about in society. She is quite sure that no man could ever accept her deeds and expects to spend her life alone.

Lord Barton Seddon is unsure of his sanity, haunted by the things that he suffered during the war in Spain. Horses and isolation are his only solace – even his family condemn him for his weakness. Months spent at Dartworth Abbey, alone, seem the best possible answer.

When their love of horses brings them together, in a place haunted by the ghosts of a tragic love generations old, can they find healing together, or will their personal demons drive them apart?

Release Date: 11/17/17

Cover image for Kissing the Duke of Hearts by Arietta Richmond

Arietta Richmond

Kissing the Duke of Hearts (His Majesty’s Hounds)

Dreamstone Publishing
Print | eBook
Sweet Historical

A Duke renowned for breaking hearts and wild ways, who despises the lower classes, an innocent young woman, born to the merchant class, a chance meeting at a Masquerade Ball, a carriage accident, a snowbound Christmas, an irresistible love.

Lucian Merryhew, the Duke of Hartswood, feels jaded and bored, his life nothing but an endless round of drink gambling and womanizing. The responsibilities of his title weigh heavily on him, and life seems increasingly bleak.

Miss Isabella Morton, born to the merchant class, but now accepted in society, because her brother has been made an Earl. bright, strong minded, and frustrated by the way that society treats her, she is yet an innocent in so many ways.

When they meet anonymously, behind masks, they connect immediately. When they meet in ‘real life’, he does not know her for the same woman, and despises her for her birth, without ever bothering to look further. Hurt, she despairs of ever being seen for herself.

Then, fate takes a hand. his carriage is wrecked at their gates, and the snow ensures that he remains a house guest for Christmas.

Will the joy of the Christmas season bring change? Can the Duke overcome his prejudices, and allow himself to see the real Isabella? can Isabella overcome her hesitance, caused by past bad experiences, and express her real feelings? Or will Lucian’s despair at the emptiness of his life lead to the ultimate separation?

Release Date: 12/01/17

Cover image for Love, A Duke at Christmas by Arietta Richmond

Arietta Richmond

Love, A Duke at Christmas (Regency Collections)

Dreamstone Publishing
Print | eBook
Sweet Clean Historical

Eleven delightful Regency Christmas stories. In each, a Duke finds love at Christmas, or in a way associated with Christmas.  Immerse yourself in love, and the joy of the Christmas Season.

Release Date: 12/01/17

Cover image for The Jewel Thief: A Regency Ghost Story by Milly Jane Maven

Milly Jane Maven

The Jewel Thief: A Regency Ghost Story

Milly Jane Maven
Sweet Historical

A mischievous ghost, a bewildered and fascinated earl, a masquerade ball and some ghostly surprises feature in this lighthearted Regency romance.

Griffin Blackstone, the Earl of Blakenheath, is resting in his room after a long journey to attend a house party at Tallander Castle with his younger sister Lissy. While she is out exploring the castle grounds with her long-time nanny, Griffin hears a strange sound in the room adjoining his own and hurries to investigate, but instead of a maid he discovers a shimmering apparition wearing his sister Lissy’s jewels.

Upon discovery, the spirit immediately disappears. Shocked but curious, he tamps down his initial alarmed instinct to dash out of there and waits for her to reappear. After all, even if he left she’d still be there and he can hardly have his sister return to a room bearing a ghost. But the playful and curious young specter is not easily deterred from her goal of acquiring the shimmering jewels, and Griffin finds himself in the strange predicament of trying to understand the ghost—that he discovers is known historically as the White Silhouette—and her motives.

He nicknames her Magpie as she is attracted to shiny objects. But his research shows her to be a young woman named Melissande DeMesurier Tallander who died of influenza a hundred years earlier.

Tallander Castle is up for sale, and not only is their hostess, the current Miss Tallander, hoping for a buyer, but she has also attracted many of the guests to the party by informing them that they are welcome to search the castle for the long missing Tallander jewels, though Griffin suspects he knows exactly who has stolen them.

Please note that this ghostly tale is much sweeter than my other books which are often quite spicy. My other titles, In Devlin’s Arms and The Third Dance are sensual. An Aspiring Courtesan and Simply Adored are erotic. But all are lighthearted nonetheless

Release Date: 11/17/2017

Cover image for Joyful Holiday Seasons by Cynthia Moore

Cynthia Moore

Joyful Holiday Seasons

The Wild Rose Press
Sweet Historical

Gift of Love
Lady Rebecca Hastings has lost her joy for living. On what would have been her wedding day, she is reunited with a childhood friend and neighbor, Adrian Russell, Marquess of Burton. As they reminisce about their childhood together, can the cheer of the Christmas season bring them together and give the gift of love?

Better Than A Present
A sudden snowstorm on Christmas Eve morning catches Lady Samantha Grayson alone and unprotected. In a nearby cottage, she discovers Lord Paul Russell, the very man who caught her interest in London a few months ago. What was doomed to be an uneventful Christmas, to her pleasant surprise could be better than a present.

It’s Never Enough
Lady Selina Durwood has been in love with Lord Robert Crestor since she was a young girl. During the Christmas holiday, she and her parents accept an invitation to spend time at the Crestor family estate. Believing Robert is stationed with his cavalry in Brussels, she is surprised at his presence. But after time apart, will she be able to convince him he is the only one for her?

I Wish For Your Kiss
When Justin Wexley, Marquess of Rockton reunites with Miss Catherine Simms, can they forget about Christmas past and begin to make lovely, happy moments together in the present?

Release Date: 12/01/2017

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