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October 2017 Releases

Cover image for THE BRIDE WHO GOT LUCKY by Janna MacGregor

Janna MacGregor

The Bride Who Got Lucky (The Cavensham Heiresses)

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Print | eBook
Spicy Historical

He would do anything to protect her. Even marry her…

The son of a cold-hearted duke, Nicholas St. Mauer isn’t one to involve himself in society…or open his own heart to anyone. But driven by honor, the reclusive Earl of Somerton feels obliged to keep a watchful eye on Lady Emma Cavensham. She possesses a penchant for passions unbecoming a woman that finds Nick in constant peril of losing his well-structured solitude. She even dared kiss Nick once―an utterly unladylike, and delightful, lapse…

Emma can’t deny the appeal of the earl’s attention, and occasional affection, but she has no need for a man. There are worse fates than spinsterhood, as Emma knows too well. She still mourns the loss of her dear friend Lena, and is determined to prove Lena’s husband responsible for her death before he lures another innocent woman into a brutal marriage. But as Emma pursues her prey, a compromising moment upends all her plans. Now, with gossip swirling and her reputation in tatters, Nick may be the only man brave enough to join in Emma’s cause. . .and fight for her heart.

Praise for Janna MacGregor’s THE BAD LUCK BRIDE

“Full-bodied romance…with intelligence and heart.”―Cathy Maxwell
“Sparkling.” ―Publishers Weekly
“Will leave you swooning.”―Sabrina Jeffries


Cover image for THE REUNION by Sara Portman

Sara Portman

The Reunion (The Brides of Beadwell)

Kensington, Lyrical Press
Print | eBook
Spicy Historical

“smart, sharp and insightful…a must-read.” –RT Book Reviews, 4.5 Stars, TOP PICK

An inconvenient engagement turns a marriage of convenience into so much more in this sparkling new series from award-winning author Sara Portman . . .

Lady Emmaline Shaw’s reputation was irreparably damaged when her fiancé, John Brantwood, disappeared immediately after their engagement four years ago. Since then, she’s grown from a shy, uncertain girl to a woman who knows her own mind. And what she knows is that London society holds nothing for her.

Rumor has it that John ran off to war and died in battle. Now, as the new Duke of Worley, his shocking resurrection throws the ton into a tizzy and makes him one of England’s most sought after bachelors—except that he’s already engaged.

John needs a wife capable of smoothing his beloved sister’s introduction into society. But though Emma happily grants him his freedom, her fiery beauty and resilient spirit hold him captive. In fact, John has no intention of letting her go. Her fate is now in his hands, but will her heart be safe there?

Release Date: 09/26/2017

Cover image for THE OFFER by Sara Portman

Sara Portman

The Offer (The Brides of Beadwell)

Kensington, Lyrical Press
Print | eBook
Spicy Historical

The award-winning author of The Reunion continues her dazzling new series with a novel of one woman’s fall from saint to sinner . . .

Lucy Betancourt’s future looks bleak. The daughter of an ailing vicar in a village with no eligible bachelors, her only hope is to find employment as a governess or companion. As she helps her childhood friend, the new Duchess of Worley, through her pregnancy, the ever-practical Lucy makes her plans. But life—in the way of the dashing Bex Brantwood—has something else in store for Lucy…

Upon meeting Bex, the duke’s cousin, Lucy offers herself up to him. But Bex is no family man looking for a governess. And Lucy is not exactly mistress material. Still, the misunderstanding ends in a kiss neither can forget . . .

Bex finds the proper vicar’s daughter and her most improper proposal endlessly amusing—and attractive. But, saddled with debt, he’s in no position to keep a woman, much less marry one, which is what a woman like Lucy deserves. Little does he know that even with her reputation at stake, Lucy will take the biggest gamble of her life by following her heart—straight into his arms.

Release Date: 10/24/2017

Cover image for THE CHASE by Sara Portman

Sara Portman

The Chase (The Brides of Beadwell)

Kensington, Lyrical Press
Print | eBook
Spicy Historical

In this thrilling romance from award-winning author Sara Portman, the illegitimate son of a nobleman and a woman on the run chase their fate on the London Road . . .

According to his father’s terms, Michael Rosevear’s duty is to be ignored—until such time as he is useful. Now that the earldom is in need of funds, Michael is to be sold off in marriage to the daughter of a crass but wealthy merchant willing to pay for any connection to nobility—even from the wrong side of the blanket

En route to his fate in London, Michael does not plan to board an extra passenger. Yet there is something in the young miss’s desperate plea that tugs at his conscience—though he is certain her story is a fabrication…

Juliana Crawford has fled her father’s cruel home. Using a false name to evade pursuit, she must find a private traveler with whom to complete her escape. Chance matches her with a dark and wounded young lord who guards his own secrets just as carefully. The unlikely pair embark on a journey filled with revelation and unexpected adventure—one that may lead them to question whether to part at their destination—or change course entirely…

Release Date: 11/21/2017

Cover image for AMY, THE STORY OF A CORM FOUNDLING by Angie Northey

Angie Northey

Amy, The Story of a Coram Foundling

Angie Northey
Print | eBook
Spicy Historical

Amy is brought up in Coram’s Foundling Hospital in Bloomsbury. She is sent at aged 14 to work for the aristocratic Lady Bessborough, where she becomes the maid of her mentally unstable daughter, Lady Caroline Lamb.

Amy witnesses first-hand the opulent and decadent Regency ‘haute ton’, their extra-marital affairs, secret pregnancies, and vices laid bare.

She has many adventures and various love affairs, before she eventually finds the courage to defy convention, and find love and happiness.

Regency society as seen through the eyes of a servant girl. A voice that is rarely heard.

Release Date: 06/08/2017

Cover image for THE RIGHT KIND OF ROGUE by Valerie Bowman

Valerie Bowman

The Right Kind of Rogue (Playful Brides)

St. Martin’s Press
Print | eBook
Spicy Historical

Can two star-crossed lovers come together—until death do they part?

Viscount Hart Highgate has decided to put his rakish ways behind him and finally get married. He may adore a good brandy or a high-speed carriage race, but he takes his duties as heir to the earldom seriously. Now all he has to do is find the right kind of woman to be his bride—ideally, one who’s also well-connected and well-funded. . .

Meg Timmons has loved Hart, the brother of her best friend, ever since she was an awkward, blushing schoolgirl. If only she had a large dowry—or anything to her name at all. Instead, she’s from a family that’s been locked in a bitter feud with Hart’s for years. And now she’s approaching her third London season, Meg’s chances with him are slim to none. Unless a surprise encounter on a deep, dark night could be enough to spark a rebellious romance. . .for all time?

Release Date: 10/31/2017

Cover image for WINNING THE MERCHANT EARL by Arietta Richmond

Arietta Richmond

Winning the Merchant Earl (His Majesty’s Hounds)

Dreamstone Publishing
Print | eBook
Historical Sweet

A Lady touched by scandal, a wealthy merchant, a misunderstanding, a madman’s threat, a surprise ennoblement, an enduring love.

Can past scandal be overcome? Can a merchant raised to the nobility ever be accepted by the ton? Will the challenges they face bring Lady Serafine and Mr. Morton together, or tear them apart forever?

Release Date: 10/10/2017

Cover image for LOVE IN THE MOONLIGHT by Arietta Richmond

Arietta Richmond

Love in the Moonlight (Regency Collections)

Dreamstone Publishing
Print | eBook
Historical Sweet

7 Delightful Regency stories with a little bit of a Gothic edge, just in time for All Hallows’ Eve (that’s Halloween these days….)

Release Date: 10/10/2017

Cover image for FINAL BATTLE FOR LOVE by Cheri Champagne

Cheri Champagne

Final Battle For Love (Mason Siblings Series)

Pandamoon Publishing
Spicy Historical Suspense

Lady Emaline Mason has dedicated her life to the rescuing and healing of animals. She has no expectations for finding love, as her sisters have before her. But after a shocking experience with the family’s doctor, every exchange between them feels different. She is determined to despise the scoundrel, but somehow that fiery hatred turned into a burning desire…

Dr. Lord Simon Claridge, heir to the Earldom of Merrington, has known about the Mason family’s involvement in spy activity for some time and has gradually become their personal physician. After an incident with one of the Mason sisters, things changed. His rapport with Lady Emaline became strained, and, as much as he tried to stop it, the woman was suddenly everywhere in his thoughts.

With the increasing danger surrounding Lady Emaline and the very real threat to their mortality, will Simon and Emaline have the opportunity to allow their budding affection to grow? Or will they discover their love only to have it ripped away from them?

Join them in this concluding novel in the Mason Siblings series, as they fight together in one final battle for love…

Release Date: 09/26/2017

Cover image for THE VISCOUNT'S SEDUCTION by Alina K. Field

Alina K. Field

The Viscount’s Seduction (Sons of the Spy Lord)

Havenlock Press
Print | eBook

Searching for the Truth

Lady Sirena Hollister has lost her family, her home, and even her fey abilities, but somehow the fairies have handed her an unexpected chance at a Season in London. From her place on the fringes of high society, she resolves to find the truth about her only brother’s vanishing, and settle her family’s score with the wily English Spy Lord, the Earl of Shaldon. Soon enough, her schemes stir up an unknown enemy…and spark danger of a different sort, in the person of the Earl’s handsome heir, Viscount Bakeley.

Seducing the Beauty

The impertinent hoyden Bakeley met years earlier was as wild as her Irish roots, and just as unlucky. And she’s still an Irish traitor’s sister! But Lady Sirena has grown into a beauty whose charm and courage intrigue him. When danger threatens, Bakeley comes to her rescue, risking scandal, the ton’s disapproval, his interfering father’s ire…and his own heart.

Release Date: 09/12/2017

Cover image for PRIDE, PREJUDICE & PLEASURE by Georgette Brown

Georgette Brown

Pride, Prejudice & Pleasure

Georgette Brown

Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett. The untold, steamy hot story…

While staying at Hunsford Parsonage, Miss Elizabeth (“Lizzy”) Bennet befriends the clever and provocative Abby Trenwith, a woman dedicated to enlightening others in the pleasures of the flesh. Intrigued, Lizzy agrees to receive an education from a mentor appointed by her new friend.

Little does she know that her masked mentor is the arrogant Mr. Darcy, a man who ruined her sister’s prospects for marital happiness.

Darcy, a longtime friend of Abby, is desperately looking for a way to take his mind off the clever and captivating Elizabeth Bennett. His identity hidden, Darcy accepts his new charge from Abby but finds that the new protégé is remarkably similar in mannerism to Miss Elizabeth. When he discovers that his student and his obsession are one in the same, Darcy is torn between desire and obligation. Should he risk everything for a distant chance at something more?

Pride, Prejudice & Pleasure is a steamy historical romance that puts an unexpected twist on literature’s most famous couple. If you like sultry chemistry, Regency trappings, and new takes on classic characters, then you’ll love this super sexy retelling.

Pride, Prejudice & Pleasure for a fun and sexy Regency read!

Release Date: 10/24/2017

Still Available

Cover image for Secret Lessons with the Rake by Julia Justiss

Julia Justiss

Secret Lessons with the Rake (Hadley’s Hellions)

Harlequin Historical
Print | eBook
Sensual Historical (mild)

Pursuing a role in Parliament, Christopher Lattimer needs a virtuous marriage to make society overlook his roguish past. When beautiful and disarming Ellie Parmenter offers to reform and refine him, he’s too tempted to say no.

Once a courtesan, Ellie knows a thing or two about polishing a diamond in the rough. She has no designs on Christopher—or any man in search of a wife—but their best-laid plans begin to unravel once lessons in respectability turn to seduction.

Release Date 09/01/17

Cover image for Third Son's a Charm by Shana Galen

Shana Galen

Third Son’s a Charm (The Survivors)

Print | eBook | Audiobook
Spicy Historical

Ewan Mostyn thinks a job as a duke’s daughter’s bodyguard will be easy—but Lady Lorraine has a few tricks up her sleeve that spark an undeniable passion.

Fiercely loyal to his friends and comrades, Ewan Mostyn is the toughest in a group of younger sons of nobility who met as soldiers and are now trying desperately to settle back into peaceful Society. Ewan trusts his brawn more than his brains, but when he’s offered a job watching the Duke of Ridlington’s stubbornly independent daughter, he finds both are challenged.

Lady Lorraine wants none of her father’s high-handed ways, and she’ll do everything in her power to avoid her distressingly attractive bodyguard—until she lands herself in real trouble. Lorraine begins to see Ewan’s protectiveness in a new light, and she can only hope that her stoic guardian will do for her what he’s always done—fight for what he wants.

Release Date 11/07/17

Cover image for The Earl Claims His Comfort by Regina Jeffers

Regina Jeffers

The Earl Claims His Comfort (The Twins’ Trilogy)

Black Opal Books
Print | eBook
Sweet Historical

Hurrying home to Tegen Castle from the Continent to assume guardianship of a child not his, but one who holds his countenance, Levison Davids, Earl of Remmington, is shot on the road and left to die. The incident has Remmington chasing after a man who remains one step ahead and who claims a distinct similarity—a man who wishes to replace Remmington as the rightful earl. Rem must solve the mystery of how Frederick Troutman’s life parallels his while protecting his title, the child, and the woman he loves.

Comfort Neville has escorted Deirdre Kavanaugh from Ireland to England, in hopes that the Earl of Remmington will prove a better guardian for the girl than did the child’s father. When she discovers the earl’s body upon road backing the castle, it is she who nurses him to health. As the daughter of a minor son of an Irish baron, Comfort is impossibly removed from the earl’s sphere, but the man claims her affections. She will do anything for him, including confronting his enemies. When she is kidnapped as part of a plot for revenge against the earl, she must protect Rem’s life, while guarding her heart.

Release Date 09/16/17

Cover image for Once a Husband by Heather Boyd

Heather Boyd

Once a Husband (Hunt Club)

Heather Boyd
Print | eBook
Historical Burning (hot)

Husband. Father. Son. Earl. Rupert Manning has thoroughly lost his way. Already resigned to a loveless marriage, he never expected that to be taken away from him too when his wife is murdered. Implicated her death unless he can clear his name, he’s determined to uncover her murderer and the secrets of her life—so that he too might be free to live the life he should have fought for.

Five years ago Angelo Marinari limped away from his life gravely wounded and hid from everyone he’d ever known and loved. Now earning his way as a fighter and entertainer, Angelo is resigned to his life until fate lands the love of his life at his feet—bloody and beaten and breathtakingly defiant. Saving Lord Bracknell complicates everything but is he strong enough to abandon the earl twice when he and his son are in grave danger?

Release Date 09/05/2017

Cover image for An Inconvenient Beaut by Kristi Ann Hunter

Kristi Ann Hunter

An Inconvenient Beauty (Hawthorne House)

Bethany House Publishers
Print | eBook | Audiobook
Inspirational Sweet

Griffith, Duke of Riverton, likes order, logic, and control, and he naturally applies this rational approach to his search for a bride. He’s certain Miss Frederica St. Claire is the perfect wife for him, but while Frederica is strangely elusive, he can’t seem to stop running into her stunningly beautiful cousin, Miss Isabella Breckenridge.

Isabella should be enjoying her society debut, but with her family in difficult circumstances, her uncle will only help them if she’ll use her beauty to assist him in his political aims. Already uncomfortable with this agreement, the more she comes to know Griffith, the more she wishes to be free of her unfortunate obligation.

Will Griffith and Isabella be able to set aside their pride and face their fears in time to find their own happily-ever-after?

Release Date 09/05/2017

Cover image for The Stolen Letters by Andrea Penrose

Andrea Penrose

The Stolen Letters (The Lady Arianna Regency Mystery Series)

Andrea Penrose
Sensual Historical (mild)

A Lady Arianna Regency Mystery Novella

With the hunt for a diabolical traitor finally over, Lady Arianna is looking for some peace and quiet in which to resolve lingering tensions with her husband over her daredevil exploits during the final chase. But an unexpected late-night visit from The Dragon—Saybrook’s feisty and independent great aunt—puts her in the middle of a very difficult dilemma . . .

Constantina confesses that a packet of very private personal letters, along with some sensitive diplomatic documents, have been stolen from her French paramour. She’s desperately hoping Arianna can help get them back, but says it must be discreetly and without anyone knowing—including Saybook.

Yes or No? The task is made even more daunting when Arianna discovers that the political intrigue may entangle her with some very dangerous old enemies . . .

Ah, but Arianna can’t resist a challenge, and when she learns that a diplomatic party will provide the perfect opportunity to steal the documents back, she and Constantina, along with their friend Sophia Kirtland, quickly devise a plan to prove the ladies can best the gentlemen at their own devious games . . .

Release Date 09/04/17

Cover image for A Wedding Code by Jacki Delecki

Jacki Delecki

A Wedding Code (The Code Breaker Series)

Jacki Delecki
Spicy Historical

As a renowned arbiter of fashion and design, Miss Amelia Bonnington’s upcoming nuptials to Lord Derrick Brinsley have become the most anticipated event of English society. Her plans to create the perfect wedding must be cast aside, however, when her best friend’s brother, a member of England’s top code breaking family, disappears.

When his fiancée meddles in dangerous spy activity, Derrick, an undercover agent for his Majesty, must intervene. Now, it’s up to Amelia and Derrick to safely locate the missing brother, prevent another abduction, and thwart an assassination. Can they outwit the French spies and still have Amelia’s fairy tale wedding?

Release Date 08/25/17

Cover image for The Duke by Katharine Ashe

Katharine Ashe

The Duke (The Devil’s Duke)

Print | eBook
Sensual Historical (mild)

Six years ago, when Lady Amarantha Vale was an innocent in a foreign land and Gabriel Hume was a young naval officer, they met . . . and played with fire.

Now Gabriel is the dark lord known to society as the Devil’s Duke, a notorious recluse hidden away in a castle in the Highlands. Only Amarantha knows the truth about him, and she won’t be intimidated. He is the one man who can give her the answers she needs. But Gabriel cannot let her learn his darkest secret. So begins a game of wit and desire that proves seduction is more satisfying—and much more wicked—the second time around…

Release Date 09/26/17

Cover image for A Love To Remember by Bronwen Evans

Bronwen Evans

A Love To Remember (Disgraced Lords #7)

Random House Loveswept
Spicy Historical

A fiercely independent duchess and a brooding, reclusive earl are tested by the demands of desire in this unforgettable romance from the USA Today bestselling author of A Kiss of Lies and A Night of Forever.

For Rose Deverill, one husband was enough. As the wealthy widow of the Duke of Roxborough, she has cultivated an unsavory reputation meant to discourage wife hunters. Thanks to a string of steamy affairs, Rose is perfectly content to be known by polite society as the “Wicked Widow”—until she’s reunited with the man she fell in love with at age fifteen. Their bedroom encounters are scorching, but it breaks Rose’s heart to wonder whether her reckless behavior ruined her for Philip Flagstaff.

The second son of the Earl of Cumberland, Philip never wanted the title. But after Philip’s older brother, Robert, follows him into the Battle of Waterloo, his worst fears come to pass. Now Robert lies in a soldier’s grave, and Philip is determined never to pass on the inheritance to children of his own. Then Rose appears, soothing the pain with her delightful curves and passionate kisses. The notorious Duchess seems to want nothing from him—and yet Philip has never ached to give a woman more.

Release Date 08/29/17

Cover image for The Pirate's Duty by Katherine Bone

Katherine Bone

The Pirate’s Duty (The Regent’s Revenge)

Katherine Bone
Print | eBook
Sensual Historical (mild)

He lost everything . . . but his duty to her brought him back to life.

Innkeeper Oriana Thorpe is a smuggler’s daughter who has been hardened by a legacy she cannot escape. She has risked everything, including her safety, in her attempts to break free, going so far as to challenge her evil pirate brother, Charles, in order to save a lady and her maid from his wrath. Determined to atone for his villainy, Oriana distributes the blood money he left behind to widows and orphans living nearby. But when threatening letters promising retribution begin to arrive from Charles, she suspects one or more of her customers may be her despicable brother’s spies. Yet one haunted man promises to protect her, and she finds herself taking the greatest risk of all—falling in love.

Captain Pierce Walsingham should have died when his ship was destroyed by the notorious smuggler Captain Carnage. Instead, Pierce was pulled from the water by the Robin Hood of Cornwall, a pirate known only as the Black Regent. In gratitude, Pierce accepts the Regent’s offer to take over the man’s role, allowing his name to be added to the list of the dead and vowing to protect the beautiful innkeeper who saved his sister Chloe’s life. Unfortunately, Oriana is also Carnage’s next of kin, and the smuggler has sworn vengeance against her and Chloe.

While there is no cause dearer to Pierce’s heart than stopping Carnage, the task won’t be easy. Strategic allegiances have replenished his enemy’s power at sea, and he’s moving ever closer to enacting his revenge. Now Pierce must find a way to defeat Carnage, all while fighting his desire for the resilient woman who fiercely defends her roost.

Release Date 08/08/2017

Cover image for The Mercenary Pirate by Katherine Bone

Katherine Bone

The Mercenary Pirate (The Heart of a Hero)

Katherine Bone
Sensual Historical (mild)

Wolfgang, one of Lord Wellington’s craftiest spies, is a fighter, an indulgent loner who is cunning and bold enough to go where others do not dare. He hates distractions and complications, especially those involving the fairer sex, and his instincts have always fueled him and kept him on course, mission after mission. That is, until his talents steer him toward a destiny he didn’t know he had and a search for the brother he barely remembers. And when he comes into contact with a brave young woman disguised as a boy, the urge he feels to protect her might just lead him on the biggest adventure of all.

Selina’s wedding day did not go as planned. Instead, she was kidnapped by pirates and ransomed for an exorbitant sum. Her diabolical captors didn’t hold up their end of the bargain, however, and kept her imprisoned even after their demands were met. More clever than her kidnappers expected, she managed to escape and disguised herself as a boy. Forced to lie, cheat, and steal in order to stay alive, she loses hope of ever returning to the man she intended to marry. Desperate, she agrees to become a handsome and compassionate sea captain’s cabin boy to gain passage back to Cornwall, but the captain endangers the one thing she cannot afford to lose—her heart.

Release Date 09/07/2017

Cover image for A Lady's Deception by Pamela Mingle

Pamela Mingle

A Lady’s Deception (Haslemere Men)

Entangled Publishing
Print | eBook
Spicy Historical

Mr. Hugh Grey and Miss Eleanor Broxton shared an unforgettable liaison the night before he left for war in Canada. The intoxicating memory sustained him for the years he was away. Now, the reputed rake is back, knighted, and he’s got enough money to right the estate his father left in ruins. What would make Sir Hugh Grey’s world perfect is the lovely Eleanor by his side.

Their attraction is sizzling, and the sweet way Hugh is wooing her—a kitten, kisses in the moonlight, and expert help in lighting her dreary work space—makes Eleanor dream of forever with her strapping knight. But she will not risk a scandal, which could ruin his newfound respectability and esteem, especially in her father’s eyes. When Hugh discovers what she’s been hiding, it may drive them apart forever.

Release Date 8/28/17

Cover image for King of Hearts by Eileen Putman

Eileen Putman

King of Hearts (League of Rogues)

Eileen Putman
Print | eBook | PDF
Spicy Historical

Not for nothing is Gabriel Sinclair known as the King of Hearts. His wit beguiles, his charm seduces, and he’s never met a woman he couldn’t captivate. He’s at home on the sea but nowhere else. As for family? He has seen enough madness in his own to last a lifetime. He shuns hopeless causes, deeper emotions, any whiff of permanence.

Widowed Louisa Peabody tolerates no man’s touch. Her past has shown her men are seducers and abusers. She devotes herself to helping women in need, but her clumsy efforts often end in disaster. After she accidentally saves Gabriel’s life, she persuades him to help her stage a daring rescue from a prison hulk in the Thames.

But it’s a devil’s bargain: Can she protect herself from that wild, reckless fire in his eyes? Can he care for anyone but himself?

The League of Rogues series features daring English lords who risk all for their country. Hardened and deadly, they have no use for love—until it ensnares them…

Release Date 09/26/17

Cover image for Mr. Darcy's Brides by Regina Jeffers

Regina Jeffers

MR. DARCY’S BRIDES: A Pride and Prejudice Vagary

Regina Montenaro
Print | eBook
Sweet Historical

I much prefer the sharpest criticism of a single intelligent man to the thoughtless approval of the masses.

ELIZABETH BENNET is determined that she will put a stop to her mother’s plans to marry off the eldest Bennet daughter to Mr. Collins, the Longbourn heir, but a man that Mr. Bennet considers an annoying dimwit. Hence, Elizabeth disguises herself as Jane and repeats her vows to the supercilious rector as if she is her sister, thereby voiding the nuptials and saving Jane from a life of drudgery. Yet, even the “best laid plans” can often go awry.

FITZWILLIAM DARCY is desperate to find a woman who will assist him in leading his sister back to Society after Georgiana’s failed elopement with Darcy’s old enemy George Wickham. He is so desperate that he agrees to Lady Catherine De Bourgh’s suggestion that Darcy marry her ladyship’s “sickly” daughter Anne. Unfortunately, as he waits for his bride to join him at the altar, he realizes he has made a terrible error in judgement, but there is no means to right the wrong without ruining his cousin’s reputation. Yet, even as he weighs his options, the touch of “Anne’s” hand upon his sends an unusual “zing” of awareness shooting up Darcy’s arm. It is only when he realizes the “zing” has arrived at the hand of a stranger, who has disrupted his nuptials, that he breathes both a sigh of relief and a groan of frustration, for the question remains: Is Darcy’s marriage to the woman legal?

What if Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet met under different circumstances than those we know from Jane Austen’s classic tale: Circumstances that did not include the voices of vanity and pride and prejudice and doubt that we find in the original story? Their road to happily ever after may not, even then, be an easy one, but with the expectations of others removed from their relationship, can they learn to trust each other long enough to carve out a path to true happiness?

Release Date 08/14/17

Cover image for A Dangerous Engagement by Melanie Dickerson

Melanie Dickerson

A Dangerous Engagement (Regency Spies of London)

Waterfall Press
Print | eBook | Audiobook
Sweet Inspirational

Just as merchant’s daughter Felicity Mayson is spurned once again because of her meager dowry, she receives an unexpected invitation to Lady Blackstone’s country home. Being introduced to the wealthy Oliver Ratley is an admitted delight, as is his rather heedless yet inviting proposal of marriage. Only when another of Lady Blackstone’s handsome guests catches Felicity’s attention does she realize that nothing is what it seems at Doverton Hall.

Government agent Philip McDowell is infiltrating a group of cutthroat revolutionaries led by none other than Lady Blackstone and Ratley. Their devious plot is to overthrow the monarchy, and their unwitting pawn is Felicity. Now Philip needs Felicity’s help in discovering the rebels’ secrets—by asking her to maintain cover as Ratley’s innocent bride-to-be.

Philip is duty bound. Felicity is game. Together they’re risking their lives—and gambling their hearts—to undo a traitorous conspiracy before their dangerous masquerade is exposed.

Release Date 09/12/17

Cover image for Phoebe and the Doctor by Sandy Raven

Sandy Raven

Phoebe and the Doctor (The Caversham Chronicles and The Haberdashers)

Sandy Raven LLC
Spicy Historical

Harold Manners-Sutton was abducted and tossed onto an outbound naval ship headed to fight the Americans in 1812.

Now, four years later, Harry, brother of Amelia, Duchess of Caversham, has returned to England so he can finish his medical education so he could be a proper doctor. He’s had enough of war, and with his last surviving friend, Reggie, now settled in a safe officer’s position supervising construction for the Royal Navy at Ireland Island, Harry is ready to go home. But he has one last thing to do before he can move on with his life—take the treasured belongings of a dead friend to the man’s two sisters, and make sure they are safe and happy. It was the final request that Wally asked of him and Reggie.

Phoebe Grenard has just learned that her cruel father sold her and her sister to a money-monger in order to pay his gambling debt when Harry and his friend walk into the dress shop that she and her cousin operate in a village near Newcastle. She plans to go to London to meet with this moneylender, a Mr. Donovan, to see the contract her father supposedly signed before he died, and offer Donovan terms if that contract was valid. Her brother’s friend, Harry, insists on taking her to London himself to see Donovan, saying he needed to protect her. Phoebe didn’t want to be in such close proximity to Harry because she found herself growing more and more attracted to him each day. Kissing him was a mistake, but one she couldn’t stop herself from doing. In his arms, she felt safe and warm.

In London, she learns of Harry’s connections to the noblest families in England, and it crushes her because she was not in his class. But it’s his aunt’s reaction to Phoebe’s dubious bloodlines that reinforce in Phoebe that there could never be a future for them—after all, her father was the bastard child of a passing Roma gypsy and raised in a Presbyterian orphanage.

Harry admires Phoebe’s sense of honor, pride, and love for her only remaining family—a sister and a cousin. He also desires her unlike any woman he’s known before, and he wants to make her his wife. Phoebe fights the growing attraction to Harry because she will never be any man’s mistress, no matter that she’s falling in love with him a little more every day.

Release Date 07/30/17

Cover image for An Accommodating Husband by Fenella J Miller

Fenella J. Miller

An Accommodating Husband (The Duke’s Alliance)

Fenella J Miller
Traditional Sweet

An Accommodating Husband is the fourth book in The Duke’s Alliance series. This is Lady Giselle’s story.

Lady Giselle Sheldon and her cousin, Miss Elizabeth Freemantle, are given permission to visit Bath if they agree to take Lord Rushton’s daughters with them. The two girls have been running wild and both Beau and Rushton believe a change of scene will be of benefit to them
Beau, The Duke of Silchester, soon comes to regret his decision to allow his youngest sister and cousin to leave home supervised only by his man of affairs.

Lord Rushton, a close friend of Beau’s, is still mourning the loss of his beloved wife and has no intention of ever marrying again. When Beth’s antics cause Giselle to compromise herself, Rushton steps in – as a gentleman must.

Can a union without love make either of them happy?

Release Date 08/01/2017

Cover image for A Dance With Seduction by Alyssa Alexander

Alyssa Alexander

A Dance With Seduction (A Spy In The Ton)

Entangled Publishing
Print | eBook
Spicy Historical

She was the only code he couldn’t break…

Vivienne La Fleur is one of London’s most sought after opera dancers and one of England’s best weapons: the spy known as the Flower. When a French agent pressures her to change allegiance by abducting her sister, Vivienne is forced to seek the help of the only man in London who doesn’t want her.

Maximilian Westwood, retired code breaker, doesn’t like surprises or mysteries and the Flower is both. When she sneaks into his study in the middle of the night with a coded message, he’s ready to push her out whatever window she arrived through. Except Maximilian is unable to turn away a woman in trouble. Determined to rescue Vivienne’s sister, they engage in a game of cat and mouse with French spies that requires all of Vivienne’s training and Maximilian’s abilities. Bound together by secrecy, they discover there is more between them than politics and hidden codes, but love has no place among the secrets of espionage…

Release Date 07/24/17

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