The Royal Ascot Contest: Past Winners


Painting depicting Fox Hunting with horses, riders and hounds.

The 2017 Royal Ascot Contest

Grand Prize Winner

Unforgettable by Louisa Cornell
More Than a Duke by Elise Amery
Surrender by Elise Amery
The Honorable Footman by Allis Gordon

Winners of the 2016 Royal Ascot Contest

Grand Prize Winner
Taming the Earl by Elizabeth King

Dangerous by Genevieve LaViolette
If It Wasn’t For Sophie by Allis Gordon
The Lost Letter by Mimi Matthews

Winners of the 2015 Royal Ascot Contest

Grand Prize Winner:
Stranded at the Anvil by Diana Biller

The Promise of Spring by Martha Hutchens
The Secret Affairs of a Duke’s Daughter by Jan Leyh
The Fine Art of Seducing a Duke by Sandra Tabor

Winners of the 2014 Royal Ascot Contest

Grand Prize Winner:
The Only Exception by Cora Lee

A Rebel without a Rogue by Jackie Horne
Debt of Honor by Ann Clement
The Duke Who Loved Her by Ari Thatcher
The Only Exception by Cora Lee
Three Proposals by Justine Covington
To Kiss and Kill by Laura Trentham

Winners of the 2013 Royal Ascot Contest

Grand Prize Winner:
The Curious Proposal of Lord Emery by Julie Hinz

The Sailing Accident by Lillian Marek
A Dangerous Desire by Wendy La Capra
Wicked in His Arms by Louisa Cornell
The Curious Proposal of Lord Emery by Julie Hinz
The Duke’s Obsession by Frances Fowlkes
Learning to Waltz by Karen Auriti

Winners of the 2012 Royal Ascot Contest

Grand Prize Winner:
Violet Camberwell* by Terri Gibson

Embracing an Unloved Earl* by Eileen Emerson
The Duchess and Mr. Smith by Anna Genest
The Letter* by Sandra Owen
Drawn to the Earl* by Joanna Shupe
To Pluck a Rose* by Amy Villalba

Winners of the 2011 Royal Ascot Contest

Grand Prize Winner:
The Reunion by Sara Leyton*

His Charming Seductress by Louisa Cornell*
Something Scandalous by Nicola Davidson*
A Whisper to the Wild by Eileen Emerson*
Circle and Stone by Karen Dale Harris
A Lady’s Scientific Study of an Enigmatic Earl by Suzanne Webb

Winners of the 2010 Royal Ascot Contest

Regency Historical:

  • First Place: A Most Improper Gentleman*** by Elisa Beatty
  • Second Place: Listen to Your Heart*** by Miranda Liasson
  • Third Place: Embracing Scandal by Sue Webb

Judged by Leis Pederson, Assistant Editor, Berkley

Hot and Wild Regency:

  • First Place: The Devil May Care by Elisa Beatty
  • Second Place: Stealing Time by Bill Haggart
  • Third Place: Cursed by Alyssa Fernandez

Judged by Tessa Woodward, Editor, Avon/HarperCollins

Sweet and Mild Regency:

  • First Place: A Deceitful Widow by Constance Hussey
  • Second Place: The Unexpected Beneficiaries by Michelle Wood
  • Third Place: Long Lost Husband by Kristl Spalding

Judged by Nicole D’Arienzo, Senior Historical Editor, The Wild Rose Press

Winners of the 2009 Royal Ascot Contest

Regency Historical

  • First: Mis-Matched, by Alleyne Dickens*
  • Second: Seduced by Passion, by Carol Jo Kachmar
  • Third: Never Too Late, by Karen Dobbins

Judged by Lucy Gilmour and the Harlequin Mills & Boon Historical team.
* Revised Complete Manuscript Requested

Hot & Wild Regency

  • First: Deceit of Desire, by Pamela Bolton-Holyfield
  • Second: Secret Possessions, by Leah Ball
  • Third: The Coven at Callington, by Shereen Vedam

Judged by Tessa Woodward, Avon Editor, HarperCollins.

Sweet & Mild Regency

  • First: The Angel and St. Clair, by Constance Hussey
  • Second: The Legend of the Fox, by Donna Maloy*
  • Third: The Return of Hope, by Marjorie Gilbert

Judged by Deb Werksman, Acquiring Editor, Sourcebooks.
* Partial Submission to Sourcebooks Children’s Editor Requested

Winners of the 2008 Royal Ascot Contest


  • First Place Elizabeth Baldwin, Defiant
  • Second Place Alyssa Fernandez, Defensive Measures
  • Third Place Joanne Lockyer, The Changing Light of Dawn
  • Category Coordinator: Laurie Alice Eakes
  • Final Round Judge: Tessa Woodward, Avon HarperCollins Publishers


  • First Place Pamela Bolton-Holifield, The Raven’s Heart
  • Second Place Cathy Leming, Angels at Almack’s
  • Third Place Lori Philbin, Bluebeard’s Hunger
  • Category Coordinator: Delle Jacobs
  • Final Round Judge: Hilary Sares, Editor, Kensington Books


  • First Place Lavinia Klein, Merlin’s Hideaway
  • Second Place Susan Newman, Rakes & Radishes
  • Third Place Marjorie Allen, To Love a Lady
  • Category Coordinator: Catherine Leming
  • Final Round Judge: Lindsey McGurk, Editor, Samhain Publishing Ltd.

Winners of the 2007 Royal Ascot Contest

Traditional Regency Category

  • First Place: Pamela Bolton-Holifield — Lost In Love
  • Second Place: Carol Roddy — Dangerous Works
  • Third Place: Susan Newman — Rakes and Radishes

Judged by Erin Cartwright-Niumata of Avalon Books

Regency Historical Category

  • First Place: Sheri Adkins — To Be a Duke
  • Second Place: Elizabeth Baldwin — Ardent
  • Third Place: Joanne Lockyer — For Duty and Desire

Judged by Megan McKeever of Pocket Books

Paranormal Regency Category

  • First Place: Carolyn O’Neill — The Wedding Gift
  • Second Place: Jane George — Dead Lord Walking
  • Third Place: Cathy Leming — Angels at Almack’s

Judged by Erica Tsang of Avon Books

Winners of the 2006 Royal Ascot Contest

Long Regency-set Historical
First Place

  • Lady Scandalous by Nadele Jacobs

Second Place

  • The Lost Jewel by Debra Bess

Third Place

  • The Changling Bride by Krista Mercer

Traditional/Short Regency-set Historical
First Place

  • Watch for Me by Moonlight by Elizabeth Grainger

Second Place

  • The Reclusive Lord Deal by Alyssa Fernandez

Third Place

  • Lady of Dissent by Marlene Naylor

The Beau Monde wishes to congratulate all our winners and thank the judges:

  • Laura Cifelli, NAL
  • Joanne Carr, Mills&Boone, UK

Winners of the 2005 Royal Ascot Contest

Traditional Category:

  1. My Heart’s Design — Debra Bess
  2. The Hero’s Welcome — Juanita Marken
  3. A Run For Her Money — Alyssa Fernandez

Non-Traditional Category:

  1. The Bride Hunt Ball — Tracy Parker
  2. Dishonor And Desire — Kate Duggan
  3. The Paragon — Alyssa Fernandez

The Beau Monde wishes to congratulate all our winners and thank the judges:

  • Tina Brown, NAL — Traditional Category
  • Erika Tsang, Avon — Non-Traditional Category

Winners of the 2004 Royal Ascot Contest

Traditional Category

  1. Nadele Jacobs — Aphrodite’s Brew
  2. Donald McKenzie — Colonel Brigand’s Baggage
  3. Dorothy McFalls — The Marriage List

Honorable Mention

  • Susanne McCaffery Saville — The Secret Hunter

Non-traditional Category

  1. Janet Mullany — Dedication
  2. Joanna Waugh — Blind Fortune
  3. Tracy Anne Warren — The Dragon’s Mistress

Honorable Mention

  • Dawn Thompson — The Privateer
  • Jean Hart Stewart — For Love and I Are New

Winners of the 2003 Royal Ascot Contest

Winners were announced at the Soiree July 16th, 2003 in New York.

Traditional Category

  • Winner: Cara King — My Lady Gamester
  • Maureen Mackey White — The Forgotten Bride
  • Phylis Ann Warady — Lord Royston’s Redemption

Non-traditional Category

  • Winner: Shane Bolks — The Rogue
  • Debra Bess — My Heart’s Design
  • Don McKenzie — Colonel Brigand’s Baggage

Winners of the 2002 Royal Ascot Contest

Non-Traditional Category

  • First Place: Diane Perkins — A Lady of Quality
  • Second Place: Karen Statzer — Untouched
  • Third Place: Nadele Jacobs — My Lady Wicked

Judged by Kelly Harms of Avon

Traditional Category

  • Merry Banjeri — The Merry Marquis
  • Glenda Garland — A Slight Case of Blackmail
  • Nonnie Saad — Nola’s Ark

Judged by Kate Duffy of Kensington Books

Kate Duffy commented, “They were all apples. All round and red, all juicy and delicious but all tasted differently. Different but not better or worse.” As far as she’s concerned, they are all winners — and that they’re all publishable. Because of this, the Beau Monde is pleased to announce a three-way tie for First Place. All three winners have been offered a two-book contract by Kensington.

Winners of the 2001 Royal Ascot Contest


  1. First Place: Susan Lantz — The Chosen Bride
  2. Second Place: Carolyn Louaillier — The Parson’s Mousetrap
  3. Third Place: Victoria Hinshaw — Miss Mildorn’s Mistake


  1. First Place: Sari K. Earl — Midnight Rendezvous
  2. Second Place: Diane Perkins — The Diamond
  3. Third Place: Tami Cowden — Stand And Deliver

Winners of the 2000 Royal Ascot Contest


  1. First Place: Wendy Kitchen — Miss Howe’s Mission
  2. Second Place: Cara King — The Baron And Miss Patterton
  3. Third Place: Cara King — Flirtation And Quizzes


  1. First Place: Wendy Burge — Love Me Again
  2. Second Place: Jennifer Ashley — Whisper Of Roses
  3. Third Place: Jan Bold — The Road To Revenge

Winners of the 1999 Royal Ascot Contest


  1. First Place: Louise Bergin — The Miser’s Moneybags
  2. Second Place: Donna Smith — Penelope
  3. Third Place: Susan Lantz — The Perfect Bride


  1. First Place: Kristina Wright — Calandra’s Father
  2. Second Place: Jennifer Ashley — The Wagers Of Sin
  3. Third Place: Nadele Jacobs — His Majesty, The Prince Of Toads

Winners of the 1998 Royal Ascot Contest


  1. First Place: Elena Greene — The Vicar’s Daughter
  2. Second Place: Ekaterine Nikas Terlinden — Legacy
  3. Third Place: Jane Myers Perrine — The Mad Herringtons


  1. First Place: Karen Hawkins — Scandalous
  2. Second Place: Jacqueline D’alesandro — A Dream Come True
  3. Third Place: Nadele Jacobs — His Majesty, The Prince of Toads

Winners of the 1997 Royal Ascot Contest


  1. First Place: Kathleen Beck — The Spirited Miss Caroline
  2. Second Place: Cara King — The Baron and Miss Patterton
  3. Third Place: Patricia Carey — Art of Love


  1. First Place: Kristina Wright — Hell’s Worth
  2. Second Place: Shannon Donnelly — Choose Love
  3. Third Place: Elizabeth Grainger — To Love a Highwayman

Winners of the 1996 Royal Ascot Contest


  1. First Place: Sheri Cobb South — Miss Darby’s Duenna
  2. Jan C. Bradford — M’lady Cit and the Tower Treasure
  3. Elizabeth Grainger — Cristabel and the Highwayman


  1. First Place: Doris Wheeler — The Gypsy Lord
  2. Laurie Brown — A Time to Choose
  3. Shirley Karr — Wakefield’s Chameleon

Winners of the 1994 Royal Ascot Contest


  1. First Place: Christine Pederson — A Gentleman’s Education
  2. Second Place: Katherine Grill — Miss Woodley’s Experiment
  3. Third Place: Katherine Grill — To Become a Lady
  4. Victoria Hinshaw — Miss Putnam’s Ponies
  5. Julie Mctaggart — The Spinster and the Scotsman


  1. First Place: Laurel Hanson — Hawthorne and Nightingale
  2. Second Place: Barbara Mcmahon — Banished
  3. Third Place: Shannon Donnelly — Heart’s Desire
  4. Katherine Grill — An Angel’s Kiss
  5. Regina Pounds — Seraphina

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