Nov 032017

Today’s featured Beau Monde author is Victoria Oliveri!

Photo of author Victoria Oliveri.History has always held my fascination. I became a genealogist for my family in my teens and traveled abroad to find my roots. Pouring over old documents is a treasure hunt. I also became involved in reenactment groups and found that immersion in living history was both intriguing and intrinsic to my love of telling stories of the past.

My love of world travel gives my stories depth. I’ve had conversations with conservators at abandoned castles across Europe, and have felt their stone beneath my fingertips. I’ve walked down the streets of Mayfair, imagining my characters strolling there beside me, and I’ve sat in King Henry’s kitchen at Hampton Court joyfully smelling the meat cooking on the hearth. With each separate occasion, I learn more about history and continue to build a bank of memories in my mind that will fill many more novels in the future.
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