Jun 292012

Some very informative articles have been posted at the Working on the Web forum this month. These articles include one in the ongoing SEO series about how to correctly use the keyword meta tag successfully for enhancing the search engine optimization of your web pages without risking penalties from any of the search engines. Members who are engaged in research of the Regency period will find an article on the very first online library, which, after more than forty years, continues to add new material to its collections daily. This free online library offers a host of publications which were available during the Regency. And, unlike Google Books, this site offers only complete books and other materials, as well as a wide selection of audio books in multiple formats. Another article offers recommendations by Beau Monde members for the best online sources for promotional items. Want a mug, mouse pad or canvas tote with your latest book cover art? Click into the Working on the Web forum for recommendations from your fellow Beau Mondaines on the best sources. And, finally, for the convenience of all our members, the log in credentials for the online Regency Encyclopedia have been posted in the Working on the Web forum. Now, those credentials are available to you from any computer, at any time.

Next month, in the Working on the Web forum will be found an article on a valuable HTML meta tag which many web site owners overlook. Even though this particular tag is not technically used by search engines, it can be employed by web masters to entice searchers to click on the link to their site when it comes up in search results. For those seeking that special out-of-print or used book on a certain Regency topic, an article on the top three bookseller aggregators. Once you know about these sites, you will be able to search the inventories of literally hundreds of online booksellers, enabling you to locate and quickly compare prices on that hard-to-find book you need to complete the research for your next novel or that old-fashioned traditional Regency you read years ago and would like to read again.

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