Mar 052012

ASSEMBLY ROOM – Round-up of Regency and historical posts –  March 2012

Group dancing formally black coated gentlemen

Almack's Assembly Room 1805-1825


Lighting in the Georgian period – so that’s where snot comes from:

How they numbered houses:
Regency weather:
Regency textbooks (that Lesley-Anne McLeod is a clever girl):
Parlor games at and a game of whist from Kristen which you can practice here:
Oh, I should like to go to the Vauxhall Gardens:  if I can’t go on the Grand Tour:

Vauxhall Gardens By Rowlandson

How did your hero’s Mama come to name him that:
Some lovely Coronation costumes here:
Gasp! Byron behaving badly:
The Assembly room is collected by Angelyn Schmid
 my blog at  Twitter @angelynschmid

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