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In today’s article, Regency romance author, Ann Lethbridge, whose latest romance is Falling for the Highland Rogue, gives us a brief virtual tour of a charming, ancient Welsh town. A town through which any book lover, history buff or Anglophile could ramble with pleasure for many hours.

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Also known as Y Gelli Gandryl in Welsh, since the town is indeed in Wales, was listed as a must see for me, by my family. It has over thirty bookshops and every year is the venue for a literary festival.

Ruined wall partially covered with ivy.

It is also a very old place with lots of interesting nooks and crannies and a couple of castles dating back to 1070. It was a pleasure to wander the streets of this old market town.

Facade of a castle with a number of bookshelves lined against a stone wall below.

Needless to say I bought several books and found some fashion prints from La Belle Assemblee that I gleefully brought home with me and shared here.

Exterior of a garden wall with flowers at its base and vines trailing over the top.

Here are some views as we walked around

View down a street in the village

This is St John’s Chapel originating in the 13th century

Facade of St. John's Chapel, built of grey stone.

And the Butter Market in the centre of town dating from 1830. It replaced an old open air market. Market day is Thursday.

Columns of the market arcade

And this is a rare picture of me, about to go for lunch in the pub. This is a 17th century inn call The Black Lion, Old has now been added to its name, and it stood near the Lion Gate when Hay was a walled town.

Facade of the Old Lion Pub with Ann standing in front

Some parts of the building are said to date back to the 1300’s.

I finish up with a picture of the back of the castle, obviously turned into a mansion and a view back into the Brecon Beacons. And that is all from me.

Back view of the stone castle and part of the grassy yard

View of a large green field dotted with trees and the mountains beyond.

But until next time, happy rambles.

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  1. Hey Ann,
    Loved the piece on Hay on Wye. I have a friend who sold her London flat and moved to Hay on Wye. She’s now heavily involved in the book fair, which has become international in scope. Someday, someday, someday I’m going to make it to the fair. It sounds marvelous!

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