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Assembly Room – Roundup of Regency posts         Lady writing at desk

     by Angelyn Schmid




Spencer House circa 1800.

Spencer House circa 1800. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


                  One of the few surviving neoclassical London palaces

– Spencer House:  http://bit.ly/OC3y1U

Cheryl’s on a roll with common English surnames: http://bit.ly/Q0bgck


Lady Jersey’s Osterley Park:  http://bit.ly/NzLkmQ

Aerial view of Osterley Park, London

Aerial view of Osterley Park, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)








Carlton House, Pall Mall London.

The pictures alone are almost hedonistic (and rather fine)
            – partying at Carlton House:       http://bit.ly/O3yImq
Regency side-saddle – a lady’s death-trap?  http://bit.ly/LmhigP
The mail coach in a thunderstorm on Newmarket ...

The mail coach in a thunderstorm on Newmarket Heath, Suffolk, 1827                        (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mail coach bound for the West Country – one picture, so many stories:  http://bit.ly/LVje6h
The regulation of one’s conduct can be tedious – so many details:  http://bit.ly/LsevFS
Great Regency diarists – a wealth of personal information: http://bit.ly/Lht022
Lady Blessington and the Comte d’Orsay:  http://bit.ly/LthKih
The Marriage Settlement by Hogarth
More on marriage and laws of succession:  http://bit.ly/OIenRa
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