Apr 302012

This month, the Beau Monde Chapter of the Romance Writers of America is pleased to announce the debut of a new section in the Chapters/Special Interest Groups area of the myRWA.org forum. This new section is entitled "Working on the Web." It is intended to be a place where Beau Monde members can come to learn, or to share, tips and tricks on how to enhance our outcomes when working on the Internet.

The World Wide Web is now a fact of life for most authors, but we all have different attitudes, needs and levels of experience as we work in the online environment. This new section of the myRWA forum will be devoted to discussing those issues so that members will have one place where they can come to ask questions, get information and/or share it. Thus, we can all better understand and maximize our usage of the Web to our mutual advantage and benefit.

Some of the topics in this new forum will include:

  • Blogging:   Tips and Best Practices
  • eBook Publishing:   Authors’ Advice and Experiences
  • General Web-Related Topics
  • Online Safeguards:   Protecting Your Work & Safe Surfing
  • Search Engine Optimization:   Getting Found on the Web
  • Social Media:   FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter &c.
  • Web Site Usability and Accessibility

This month, articles have been posted in the Working on the Web forum which explain the basic theory of search engine optimization (SEO) and how to select the necessary keywords in order to optimize your own web site. There is also an article which discusses the different digital denizens who inhabit the web and why each group tends to approach the use of the web in different ways. Visit the new Working on the Web forum to determine into which "digital" category you fall.

Next month, articles planned for the new forum include details on taking maximum SEO advantage of the single most powerful HTML tag on any web page, as well as a safe-surfing article on the whys and hows of constructing strong passwords to increase the security of your online accounts. In addition, all Beau Monde members are invited to drop in to this new section of the forum any time, to ask questions, or to share any information you have gleaned in your online travels and adventures.

If you are not yet a Beau Monde member, and would like to join us, please visit our Membership page for details.

  4 Responses to “TBM Forum Debut:   Working on the Web”

  1. Wow. A brilliant concept, and I know I could use information on all of it. Great job!

    • Thanks very much! Since we all have different experiences, the idea is that if we all record them in the forum, they will always be available for both current and future members. That way, we can all benefit by one another’s experiences, both good and bad, and hopefully, reduce frustration and increase success!


  2. What a great idea!!

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