Jul 312012

New articles have been posted at the Working on the Web forum this month. In the ongoing SEO series is an article about which meta tag you can use to compel the search engines to display your description of each of your web site pages in their search results listings, rather than allowing the search engines to simply grab any text off the page and display that with the search results. Though these descriptions are not indexed by the search engines, they do allow web site owners the opportunity to entice potential visitors to click on the links to their pages in any search results listings. Another article covers the top three online book-seller aggregators and explains how they work, how they are similar and how they are different. For those who are building a Regency research library, or seeking early or out-of-print books by their favorite Regency authors, these aggregators are a most useful and money-saving resource. In addition, a special article was posted for those Beau Monde members who receive emails from the Beau Monde Facebook group.

The SEO article planned for the Working on the Web forum next month will explain how the images on your web pages can help increase your site’s search engine ranking, even though search engines do not index images in their databases. In addition to improving a web site’s search engine rankings, correct use of images will also make a web site more user-friendly and accessible to those with visual impairments. A blogging article is planned which will explain an important feature available for blog posts which most bloggers overlook, even though this feature is their best option to capture more accurate statistics about their visitors and which blog posts they find of interest.

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