Sep 302012

In the Working on the Web section of the myRWA forums this month can be found an article on the blog feature which makes it easy for a blogger to capture statistics on the number of readers of each of their blog posts. That same feature also enables bloggers to present a tighter and more appealing home page to their visitors. This month’s SEO series article covers the value of both incoming and outgoing links from other sites, how to get them, and how to know which links are a danger that can actually damage the search rankings of your web site or blog.

Be sure to check in on the Working on the Web forum next month. The SEO series will continue with an explanation about how those handy heading tags can be used to enhance the search engine rankings of your web pages. Those same heading tags, when used correctly, can make your web pages much easier to navigate for folks with visual impairments. And for authors seeking just the right name for one of the characters in their current WIP, a review of a pair of web sites which offer a plethora of both first and last names which can be searched and sorted by a wide range of criteria.

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