May 312012

This month, new articles have been posted in the Working on the Web forum. A search engine optimization article explains how to get the greatest value from the single most important HTML tag on any web page, not only for improving your site’s search engine rankings, but also to enable your visitors to easily return to your site. An article in the safe web surfing category details how to construct strong passwords which will protect your online accounts, yet will be easy to remember, written specifically for romance authors. In this article you will also find a URL to a site recommended by online security experts where you can test your new password for strength. Drop into the Working on the Web section of the forum to learn how to build your own strong passwords, and then share those skills with your family and friends to help keep them safe on the web, too.

Next month, articles planned for the Working on the Web forum include a cautionary tale on the correct use of the keyword tag and a review of a web site which is a massive treasure trove of resources which will be of great value to any historical author, and they are all there, free for the taking.

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